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  1. Eaglekiller

    Whatnots bodies at NYC Toys R Us/FAO Schwarz?

    Hello everyone! I have a question for any New Yorkers/folks that have been to the NYC Toys R Us and FAO Schwarz stores: Are loose, non decorated bodies of the Muppet Whatnots available to purchase? My local Toys R Us have the blue and orange bodies (not the kits, just the bodies) for $31...
  2. Eaglekiller

    The Newest Puppet Show Characters...

    I wish you a lot of luck. If you need help with the characters, pm me.
  3. Eaglekiller

    Sachimo Tales

    Cool. Keep up the hard work.
  4. Eaglekiller

    Come on and play my Family Feud type game.

    I need 100 people to play my Family Feud type game! After I get 100 complete responses I will select two winners randomly to get a $20 Walmart gift card. Tell your friends and family. This is 100 percent legit from your friend Eaglekiller. It is short and fun, I promise. Thanks! Play the...
  5. Eaglekiller

    Check out my youtube channel (puppets included)

    Your welcome. I did post it in the puppet section but it got buried. Be sure to like me on Facebook! and hit the like button on the right.
  6. Eaglekiller

    Check out my youtube channel (puppets included)

    Watch my youtube videos! Laugh at the funny things they sell at Walmart. Be entertained by my puppet show The Moot Question. Listen to the great songs of Orchard.
  7. Eaglekiller

    My new awesome puppet show The Moot Question!

    Hello everyone! I am announcing that I started a new website where I will posting many videos. One of which will star, you guessed it, puppets! It is called The Moot Question. I have made two videos already and one more will come each month. There are many different types of puppets on the show...
  8. Eaglekiller

    How to order blank FAO Whatnot?

    I read that you can order a blank FAO Muppet Whatnot, no clothes nor accessories, for less than $50. I tired their website but can't. Anyone know how? Maybe I have to call in my order?
  9. Eaglekiller

    Original Gordon from the Sesame Street test pilot has been identified

    When people say, "oh how could they forget who he was?" Let me tell you, I have been at my job for five years and I can't remember most of the people I worked with when I started that have left.
  10. Eaglekiller

    European McDonald's Muppet Show Happy Meal

    Wow this thread was written when I was a senior in college! Talk about a bump from the dead. Lol
  11. Eaglekiller

    New Muppet Whatnot Kits at Toys R Us

    Jackpot! I went to a real TRU today and got two Whatnots for $90 and got a $10 gift card too!
  12. Eaglekiller

    New Muppet Whatnot Kits at Toys R Us

    I put two Whatnots in my shopping cart and they do not come up as on sale.
  13. Eaglekiller

    New Muppet Whatnot Kits at Toys R Us

    Anyone else get the Toys R Us The Great Big Book? A $10 off coupon on the front page. And open it up and there is an ad for the Whatnots!
  14. Eaglekiller

    New Muppet Whatnot Kits at Toys R Us

    Go to Muppet Mindset on Facebook, I put a picture there too. The weird thing about the puppets is that there was no tag on them. A few had anti theft devices. I wonder if they had something for kids to create their own and these were the leftovers? I was...
  15. Eaglekiller

    New Muppet Whatnot Kits at Toys R Us

    I was shocked to see these at TRU today! I didn't know they were coming out. Wish they had the green one too, I don't have that one. But look at what my TRU had too: Blank blue bodies loose for...
  16. Eaglekiller

    *If* Figures for "The Muppets" were made, what would you want?

    As long as they are articulated ... I can't stand the thought of new figures that are just like mini statues. I think if they use the same strategy they used with Toystory and have many types of figures, styles and types we'll all be happy.
  17. Eaglekiller

    First Look at "The Muppets" Logo

    ;) and :sympathy: my two favorites!
  18. Eaglekiller

    Original TMS Zoot Ending Found on YouTube!

    Nice find. I was always bothered by the Zoot at the end that looked nothing like him!
  19. Eaglekiller

    Scooter's loose right arm

    Has anyone else ever noticed how Scooter's right arm always just dangles there? Most Muppets get their hand pinned to their side but not Scooter. I wonder why Richard Hunt performed him that way? ;)
  20. Eaglekiller

    Polar fleece

    I got some more polar fleece at JoAnn's Fabrics last week. It was only $5 a yard!