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  1. Misskermie

    Selling my Muppet collection on Mercari

    I've never posted in this part of the forum, :o with me kids. So, while I definitely still have a love and appreciation for Muppets, I admit my passion for them has died down a bit, to the point where I feel like I can afford to get rid of some of the stuff I have. That being said, I'm using...
  2. Misskermie

    The New New Quote Thread

    "GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA!" -Jacksepticeye, literally every episode of his play-through of "Papers Please"
  3. Misskermie

    The New New Quote Thread

    "Hey there, I'm Blooey. ...And this guy is a total liar! Don't listen to him! You heard his story, right? Well, he did TRY to throw me, but he completely tripped! And what happens? I end up landing in lava! LAVA, man! You think that feels good? Thanks to him, you can stick a fork in me! I'm...
  4. Misskermie

    The Steven Universe thread

    Listen, I just want to know what's in that locked chest.
  5. Misskermie

    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    This song never fails to make me smile. Never. I don't know if its just that mood-influencing, or if my love of all things Super Mario just rules my life at this point.
  6. Misskermie

    The corny joke thread

    What do you call a person with no body, and no nose? ... ... ... Nobody Knows.
  7. Misskermie

    The ASMR Thread

    My positive ones would have to be things like the central heating coming on, or the fan being on, or just the sound of rain. Soft, constant sounds like that put me at ease. Another one I like is the gentle bubbling from a fish tank. I also like hearing graphite pencils writing on paper. Super...
  8. Misskermie

    Green Things: Gardening Thread

    I've never really gotten into gardening before, but I really wanted to try and grow flowers in my windowsill. I had this pack of petunias (I think) that I bought last year but never planted. I planted them in a pot left over from my holiday crafts, and after about a week they started growing...
  9. Misskermie

    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    Adele is my queen, and she most definitely is stuck in my head.
  10. Misskermie

    What made you angry today?

    Reddit is just a toxic place. Its like the anonymity of the site makes them feel like they can say whatever. Kind of disturbing, because that's just how crummy people can be.
  11. Misskermie

    Boy, is this forum dead today or what?

    I was so gonna send the popcorn one but I talked myself out of it lol
  12. Misskermie

    The What Was That Obscure Kid Show? Thread

    Was it this? If so, Robot Chicken.
  13. Misskermie

    "WHOAH!" - What Surprised You Today Thread?

    A Spider (Who I call Cecil) in my window that I had previously presumed dead has moved. I am not only surprised, but afraid because I'm arachnophobic.
  14. Misskermie

    Boy, is this forum dead today or what?

    Little bit of tension here, I see.
  15. Misskermie

    Boy, is this forum dead today or what?

    I just signed up for it because I found the thread. Of course, it seems like an off time to be around
  16. Misskermie

    Let's Give the FanFics a Comeback!

    Y'know, I have a couple unfinished fanfictions floating around on this site. In fact, I'm pretty sure this website and my love of fanfiction is the reason why I'm working on a book of my own. That being said, these fics haven't been updated in years, and I'm afraid that the writing styles will...
  17. Misskermie

    The New New Quote Thread

    "I want to make love to Pierce in front of live studio audience!" -Female Boss Voice 2 (The Russian One), Saints Row: The Third (Honestly one of my favorite quotes in the whole game lol)
  18. Misskermie

    2009 Unscramble The Muppet.

    Man, I came over here hoping to be the genius to unscramble whatever Muppet held this thing up for 6 whole years, and y'know what? Turns out, I was the one holding it up. And what's worse, looking at the Muppet I had all scrambled up, I have no idea what the heck it was supposed to be. :o...
  19. Misskermie

    Most Annoying TV Series Ever?

    Well, someone already said "Teen Titans Go!", so I'll think of something else. Are you allowed to like an annoying show? If so, as much as I like "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show", past a certain point, it annoys me. And its super cringy. Actually, the Zelda show annoys me more. I think its...
  20. Misskermie

    Unofficial video thread

    I will never not laugh at this because it is ridiculously easy to make me laugh at stuff like this lol