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  1. Tbow17

    Professional Monster Puppet

    hi i saw that the sale ended with no bids. are you still willing to sell it to me for $73
  2. Tbow17

    Professional Monster Puppet

    i am always intrested in a great puppet for a great price. i have 2 questions will you ship to Australia if i pay for shipping? and does it come with armrods
  3. Tbow17

    Cookie Monster head pattern

    Hey muppet world I am planing to make a new light Blue Cookie Monster replica puppet. I have already posted a thread on the replica and somebody said to buy the borsa pattern but ignore the head patterns so I did buy the borsa pattern and made a non Cookie Monster puppet from it and the head...
  4. Tbow17

    Rookie Monster - £100 plus shipping

    hi;) is it still for sale:confused:
  5. Tbow17

    Remembering Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014)

    RIP to Robin Williams He was such a loving soul to everyone and will never forget him. especially with Mrs. Doubtfire.:smirk: Tom
  6. Tbow17

    My Elmo Replica

    thank you
  7. Tbow17

    My Elmo Replica

    Hi That looks fantastic!! i was looking to make my own in the future. and i was wondering what pattern you used. if you could get back to me that would be great Kind regards, Tom
  8. Tbow17

    Help Making a Cookie Monster Replica/Puppet Pattern

    hi thank you so much. i am not a very experinced puppet builder and do not make alot of my own patterns. i was hoping you could give me the pattern you used for your cookie monster and also a few pictures of it as well for some inspiration Thank you Tom :insatiable::)
  9. Tbow17

    Wanted: Master Replicas Kermit

    Hi I was wondering if anyone if anyone would sell me a Kermit replica cheaply or send me somewhere where i can get one Tom:):confused:
  10. Tbow17

    Help Making a Cookie Monster Replica/Puppet Pattern

    hello My name is tom And i live in Australia :hungry: i am going to make a cookie monster replica and i need a pattern. if anybody could give me a pattern that would be awesome :insatiable::fanatic:;)