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  1. Byn Always

    Tips for performing live with puppets

    Thank you so much for your advice!! Duct tape is definitely a must... thanks for the reminder! I've had a puppet eye pop out while filming and the girls were horrified. Even more so when I popped it back in, lol! They were like, "MOM! You're going to hurt BEAN!!" They couldn't even watch...
  2. Byn Always

    Puppet Building Feedback

    HOLY CRAP THOSE ARE AWESOME!!!! Sorry for yelling, you brought out my inner child who was a little TOO excited. Those are seriously awesome!
  3. Byn Always

    Tips for performing live with puppets

    We are getting ready to take our children's educational puppet show around to some live events, library story times, family friendly fundraising events, etc to get more exposure. As a family we've done a lot of public performing, but this will be our first time with a puppet. Thus far our only...
  4. Byn Always

    Introducing Casey the Muppet!

    On my way to follow you on facebook and youtube. Here is my facebook and youtube
  5. Byn Always


    I think they look great. I just recently found this place and am still navigating my way around. I 'liked' your facebook page with my puppet page:)
  6. Byn Always

    Parrot puppet mechanism, suggestions?

    I wish I knew, because it sounds awesome. We have looked, too, but haven't found any HOW TO, just the end result. I'm making a chameleon puppet next and REALLY want him to be able to blink!
  7. Byn Always

    Cutting Out Eyes

    OMG, I didn't even catch that... that's hilarious:)
  8. Byn Always

    My first two puppets

    OMG!! These are AWESOME!! I am in LOVE with the sparkly lips!!!
  9. Byn Always

    Roller chairs

    I used to use a rolling cart for painting on motorcycles, and I'm planning on getting one for puppeteering, too. I just bought a rolling work seat at Lowe's. I'll ask my husband if he remembers specifics.
  10. Byn Always

    Teaser video I made

    LOVE IT!! I love that he speaks a different language. I subscribed and watched several of your video. How do you like doing live shows? We're hoping to take our show out for some live shows this spring & summer. We've done a lot with theater, but not with puppets before, so its kind of new...
  11. Byn Always

    My first puppet was on TV today!

    Thanks! It was fun:)
  12. Byn Always

    Sesame Street Grover Replica #1

    I'm far too new at puppetmaking to have any advice, but your Grover is great!
  13. Byn Always

    My first puppet was on TV today!

    Thank you so much:) He was my first ever puppet, so the poor guy is falling apart here and there... and he's a little crooked here and there already, with a little glue showing here and there (and an eyeball that nearly pops out every other day!!!) but we love him anyway!!
  14. Byn Always

    My first puppet was on TV today!

    In January, I got a wild hair and decided to make a puppet to go with a silly little "cartoon" voice I have. My hubby and kids and I created a kids web show with it, and this week our local morning talk show called and asked if we'd like to be interviewed for their show. We were pretty...
  15. Byn Always

    Beaker Replica

    That is AMAZING!!! I'm blown away. Great job!
  16. Byn Always

    ScrapsTV Goofing around with puppets on video

    Love the voice for Freddy:) and OMG!! I LOVE Katie's pig tails:) The monkey puppet is probably my favorite, though:)
  17. Byn Always

    Simple New Video from ScrapsTV

    I LOVE that setting!! I am wanting to make a second set for my web series like that... a little more jungle-y though. And your puppet is ADORABLE!!!
  18. Byn Always

    Monstars - a web series

    This sounds like a AWESOME idea!!
  19. Byn Always

    "I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story" documentary in development

    Well that stinks. Canadians don't deserve to see Elmo??? Unfair.