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  1. KPrell

    Henson closes NY office

    Wow, first I heard of it. Jim auditioned and hired me at 117 almost 24 years ago. It was the heart of the company for decades. It's sad to see it go... Karen :excited: (inappropriately happy Red smilie)
  2. KPrell

    Why we need a Muppeteer as California Governor!

    I'm out of the state for only a few days and this is what happens? (Mike, sweetie, we'll talk when I get home...) :excited: Karen
  3. KPrell

    Mike Quinn at Disney MGM May 30

    CORRECTION Whoops - Mike's online interview looks like it's actually SATURDAY night, May 31, not Sunday. Here's the Radio Sci-Fi link: Hey Super Scooter - Mike's actually taken the Star Tours ride with fans several times over the years - only...
  4. KPrell

    Mike Quinn at Disney MGM May 30

    Hi folks, My husband Mike Quinn is appearing at the Disney MGM Star Wars Weekend in Orlando this weekend, May 30 - June 1. He puppeteered Lando Calrissian's alien co-pilot Nein Nunb in Return of the Jedi. Mike will be riding in the parade, doing interviews and signing autographs every day...
  5. KPrell

    Mainly for Karen Prell

    Hi Anders, We used lots of different things for eyes when we had our own puppet company in England. Fishing floats are good to use. They're sturdy and come in lots of different sizes. They take a lot of preparation though, sanding all over so paint will adhere, filling and sanding the joints...
  6. KPrell

    Jedi Puppeteer appearing in SF now, NY soon

    Hi folks! My husband, puppeteer Mike Quinn (aka Lando Calrissian's alien co-pilot Nien Nunb in Return of the Jedi) will be signing Star Wars autographs at the WonderCon show in San Francisco April 26 and 27. (I might be there for part of the time on Sunday.)...
  7. KPrell

    Lost Swedish Chef sketch

    Hey, does anyone remember seeing a Swedish Chef sketch about ratatouille? It would have been in the fifth season of the Muppet Show. We shot it as a last minute filler and I had a little part in it. I don't remember ever seeing it in a show and I'm sure I've seen them all, though not all the...
  8. KPrell

    Alternate FR openings

    If I remember correctly, the ending was originally was only Boober. Then we were all asked to have our own characters record alternate endings sometime later, even though we didn't particularly feel that was necessary. I can't even remember what I did for Red. I never realized any of them were...
  9. KPrell

    Happy Fraggle 20th Anniversary!

    Wow! Thanks to everyone for all the appreciative words. I told the Fraggle cast and crew to check out the messages here and look at Jamie's glorious Fraggle menu! Wonderful work Jamie! I'm glad people are getting a chance to enjoy it a bit longer. Everyone who worked on Fraggle Rock is...
  10. KPrell

    Happy Fraggle 20th Anniversary!

    Hi folks! Today marks twenty years since Fraggle Rock first started airing. It premiered on HBO in the United States on January 10th, 1983. Big thanks to Fraggle fans all around the world for your appreciation of the show! Wahoo! Karen Prell and RED!!!
  11. KPrell

    Fan Poll: Favorite Christmas Menu

    I would have voted for the Marley and Marley menu, but our Christmas was so crazy I forgot. Great work Jamie! Karen
  12. KPrell

    IMPORTANT!: Ed Sullivan's Xmas Show reairs December 24th

    Thanks for the notice! I saw a tape of this show recently and it's really fun. I believe Jerry Juhl is one of the puppeteers in the Reindeer sketch and if I remember correctly the Monster song includes the old dark green Grover puppet, pre-Sesame Street. Definitely worth checking out...
  13. KPrell

    Hubby Mike at UK JediCon

    Hi Jake, No, not a dumb question at all. I'm getting to know more people at Tippetts and they're really friendly there. I wonder who it is that your great aunt knows? Maybe I already know them! Now, here's a dumb question - do they still not let you pump your own gas in Oregon? I was...
  14. KPrell

    Marley & Marley Christmas Menu

    Wow! I just saw the Marley menu today and I love it! Well done Jamie! Can't wait to see what else you do. Karen
  15. KPrell

    Hubby Mike at UK JediCon

    Hi folks, My husband Mike Quinn will be appearing at JediCon this Sunday, Dec 8, in Basildon, England. He puppeteered Lando's co-pilot Nien Nunb in Return of the Jedi. Also making his first appearance is Toby Philpott, one of the puppeteers inside the original Jabba the Hutt. (Toby also...
  16. KPrell

    Henson People in Boston This Weekend

    Hi folks, Yes, my husband Mike will be at the Boston show this weekend. He puppeteered Lando Calrissian's alien co-pilot Nien Nunb in Return of the Jedi. Billy Dee Williams will be at the show too. I won't be there I'm afraid, but Mike will be glad to see Muppet Central fans who drop by...
  17. KPrell

    Getting to know the Sesame Street Animators

    Hey folks! Don't forget the great Bud Luckey, who designed, animated and created the music for 'That's About the Size of It' and 'The Alligator King'. I met him while working at Pixar. He's been a designer there for many years. His original, beautiful storyboards for 'That's About the Size...
  18. KPrell

    Mike Quinn in Boston

    Hi Scott, Thanks for mentioning about Mike's Boston appearance. I was going to send in a little notice but you beat me to it. Unfortunately, I won't be there with him. I'll be in the middle of some animation work. But he'll be happy to see you and any other Muppet fans who drop by. He says...
  19. KPrell

    Authentic Fraggle Doozer Puppet on eBay

    Hi folks, It does seem to be the real thing. I passed the Ebay link to several Fraggle folks and heard this back from Tim McElcheran, one of the special effects guys on the show: "I remember that one. It was the welder. The sort of jack hammer affair with the threaded rod at the...
  20. KPrell

    Japanese Fraggle Rock Plush

    Ah, that would be the naked and stoned blackmarket Red doll... Yikes! Never heard of those. Karen