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  1. Cheebo

    MTR Screenings-Celebrating 50 Years

    The other major fansite in question "Tough Pigs" already has had this information posted a few days ago anyway.
  2. Cheebo

    November's Special Edition DVD's are pan-and-scan only

    From THe Digital Bits: " By the way, we've been getting a lot of questions about this from panicked fans: Disney's upcoming Muppet feature film DVDs (The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, Muppet Treasure Island and The Muppet Christmas Carol - due 11/19) will each include BOTH full frame...
  3. Cheebo

    It just isn't fair

    Hey, at least we have a muppet show on TV still. Even if it is Sesame. And I for one prefer the Sesame Muppets to the Fraggles. :eek:
  4. Cheebo

    Sesame Street Monster fans

    Release Date: 8/5/2003 Its been out a year now buddy. ;)
  5. Cheebo

    Tonight on HBO Family: FRAN BRILL

    And you know why Fran Brill is in that? Cause Frank Oz is the director. :)
  6. Cheebo

    Is Linda actually deaf?

    She had worked on the show over 30 years and was getting old. Quite simply she retired. Since Barkley was her dog he also left the show when she did. It is nto like was was phased out either, he had a couple episodes in her last season.
  7. Cheebo

    Sesame Workshop to develop new channel with Comcast, HIT

    My point is why would HIT SHOW them. HIT isnt the channel owner like Noggin is! HIT owns it with Sesame Workshop. HIT can't control what Sesame does really just as much as Sesame can control them. They own the thing together unlike Noggin. How can HIT show it when its not their channel to control?
  8. Cheebo

    Sesame Workshop to develop new channel with Comcast, HIT

    You guys are acting like HIT has the same control as Nick did in Noggin. Based on what we see it looks both Sesame and HIT have equal stakes in the channel unlike Noggin so HIT really cant force Sesame to not show old programming. Plus HIT isnt like Nick at all, HIT has plenty of older loved...
  9. Cheebo

    Sesame Workshop to develop new channel with Comcast, HIT

    Why WOULD a HIT video have Sesame on it? They dont have the rights! The fact a HIT video has no Sesame has nothing to with the channel. The channel will be Sesame Workshop stuff AND HIT stuff. Going by a video where it would be impossible to put Sesame on to determine whats on the channel is odd.
  10. Cheebo

    Upcoming DVD's: 8-3, 8-31 and 10-5

    Celebration Of Me Grover? Another new one? Great! Wonder whats on it. Whats on Imagine That? I never saw the VHS of it, I can assume the Ernie "Imagine That!" song is on it though.
  11. Cheebo

    Sesame Street "Muppets"

    Really? Because every time I have seen the credits for as long as I remember it has been "Jim Henson's Muppets".
  12. Cheebo

    Sesame Street "Muppets"

    If Disney wont let them(and I am guessing they will let them) it could be "Jim Henson's Puppets" but like I said I highly doubt they will stop calling them "Jim Henson's Muppets".
  13. Cheebo

    Muppeteer interviews at Film Threat

    They also interviewed Jerry Nelson & Dave Goelz. Jerry also mentioned MC. It was kinda sad. Dave doesn't know how much longer he will be able to play Gonzo, getting old and all. :concern: Here are the links: Jerry: Dave...
  14. Cheebo

    Complete list of the Season 35 Ernie sketches

    there was a ton of Ernie's Show & Tell's. also I dont want to live on the moon and Do De Rubber Duck(Had both Ernie and Bert!) too. OH! Some more are the one with Ernie keeping Bert up with his drums(new sketch), Ernie starting a weird dance number against Bert's will, Ernie & Elmo singing "Sing...
  15. Cheebo

    Sesame Workshop to develop new channel with Comcast, HIT

    What do you mean by appears to be? Its a Comcast made channel so it will only be on Comcast. That is just how Comcast works.
  16. Cheebo

    Sesame Workshop to develop new channel with Comcast, HIT

    .01% chance I say. Comcast owns the channel and it will comcast digital cable channel. Comcast never allows it channels it owns go on anything but Comcast and Comcast is USA only I believe.
  17. Cheebo

    Sesame Workshop to develop new channel with Comcast, HIT

    Wow, just wow. Fraggle Rock (hopefully) AND Sesame Street? This is a Muppet fans dream come true. If its indeed 24 hours then that means late night Sesame Unpaved....maybe.
  18. Cheebo

    A Season 35 Poll

    Season 35 has been over for a while so I thought it might be fun to do a little poll like thing for it :) For the character related polls base your vote on this season alone, not overall. Here is the questions and my answers: Best new sketch: Baby Cookie Monster eating his first cookie Best...
  19. Cheebo

    Reliving Sesame Street Memories

    Do you still watch the show? :) 99.9% of us here watch each new season. More people to discuss that with, the better!
  20. Cheebo

    Sesame Songs and Sketches on DVD

    I cant give whats on those but there is better DVD's out there! Like the 25th anniversay special is full of old classic songs. A MUST is the two feature films too. Follow That Bird more if you cant get both. Christmas on Sesame Street is great too since its from the 70's and is like the only dvd...