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  1. Muppetfreak

    Worst... Elmo product...EVER

    I know what you were implying but it's the position he's in that makes me think more, um, back than front if you know what i mean.
  2. Muppetfreak

    Worst... Elmo product...EVER

    The plush is horrifying. Elmo taking a "data dump" I could kind of get behind, though...
  3. Muppetfreak

    The New York Pops play The Muppets at Carnegie Hall April 14

    So, the lads over at ToughPigs are saying they've heard it will NOT be recorded. I don't know where they are getting this from but I'm just passing it along. The Henson account also posted a picture of characters from Emmit Otter rehearsing as well! :) And one more of Karen Prell, John...
  4. Muppetfreak

    The New York Pops play The Muppets at Carnegie Hall April 14

    I'll be at the noon show (sorry, I thought I replied to this weeks ago). The official Henson twitter account just posted a pic of the Fraggles rehearsing: While I too hope for a DVD or something, I thought for sure they'd do it for the Richard Hunt tribute in NJ a few years ago since they...
  5. Muppetfreak

    Of Muppets and Men: Making of the Muppet Show auction starting at $.99

    Because I like to live dangerously, I've put a copy of Of Muppets and Men up for auction with no reserve starting at 99 cents. So this could be a chance for you to snag it for a bargain price since it usually sells for closer to $100. But you know how it is, once it sells, it's gone for good...
  6. Muppetfreak

    Your Thoughts: MC’s 12th Birthday

    I totally did a double take when I saw your siggy and was like, God, that link I have in my siggy, I don't even remember having that site! LOL I thought I just hadn't updated my signature in ages. Random story: I once told one of my friends that his screenname was uncreative as it was just...
  7. Muppetfreak

    How is Jerry Nelson doing?

    Not to dredge this post up from the grave or anything but it's a sticky so how much more dredged can it get, right? Just read through this whole thing because I haven't been on the forums for ages and I just wanted to say that as a long time Muppet fan/former Sesame Street employee, Jerry...
  8. Muppetfreak

    Your Thoughts: MC’s 12th Birthday

    oo ooo! I remember the Muppet Central chat room! Does that make me cool?
  9. Muppetfreak

    Fan Mail

    Sesame Workshop would likely be your best bet because they have stacks of character headshots pre-signed and then an intern signs the characters signature. If you just want the autograph and don't really care if the performer actually sees your letter, that is likely the best way to get them...
  10. Muppetfreak

    The new season of "The Price is Right". What are you're thought's?

    The first episode, correct me if I am wrong, but didn't he seriously maim himself that day? That would give me the jitters at the least.
  11. Muppetfreak

    What are you currently using "The Secret" to acuire or make happen?

    How have you not heard about this? I finally read the book because I felt like I couldn't escape it and might as well be part of the club!
  12. Muppetfreak

    What are you currently using "The Secret" to acuire or make happen?

    I have read the book and seen nearly all of the DVD. I have also read the parody book ( so I feel like I have a good rounded perspective. :-) I think that the book was very poorly written but...
  13. Muppetfreak

    What are you currently using "The Secret" to acuire or make happen?

    for me, it's that someone buys me Muppet Show season 2...though my b-day is coming up so that may not be too far of a stretch ;-)
  14. Muppetfreak

    The Muppets and

    I have several Muppet videos up on my page However, I will very soon be uploading all of the old bumps from the oddessy network so you will want to not miss those! I hope to upload them all next week.
  15. Muppetfreak

    is there an rss feed for Waldor and Statler's show?

    I want to subscribe to it because I never remember to just check. Or, if movies doesn't syndicate it, does anyone know of a muppet blog that regularly posts when a new one is up?
  16. Muppetfreak

    I want to make my own Kermit/Piggy wedding cake topper

    fyi, just for those who like resolution in their lives, my mom ending up making one using two of the palisade's figures. It came out really cute. I would upload a pick but I think i would have to host it elsewhere so I will have to get back on that.
  17. Muppetfreak

    He'll Make Me Happy Sheet Music

    I am rather desperate to get my hands on this. I am more than willing to buy it off someone. I am getting married on 9/24 and I have searched and searched and cannot find it anywhere!
  18. Muppetfreak

    Moving Sale: Selling almost everything Muppet!

    Money order is totally fine with me.
  19. Muppetfreak

    Moving Sale: Selling almost everything Muppet!

    I love that Scooter doll! He is the first thing I ever purchased online. It was this sketchy email deal where I paid cash.
  20. Muppetfreak

    Moving Sale: Selling almost everything Muppet!

    I ship to the Uk all the time and its not much more expensive than the US. (If you don't mind really slow shipping, sometimes its cheaper than shipping to the US.) That is one thing about me, I hate to pay for shipping myself so i will always work with you to figure out the cheapest way to...