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    Two New Sesame DVDs in April

    OMG, you just made my mouth water!
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    Classic Sesame Street Radio...

    I lost many years ago a beloved radio ... it was a very cool SS one with a stage, red curtain, and footlights that lit up. Anybody know what I mean? Been desperately searching for years ... any tips?
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    Who are your 3 favorite Sesame Street characters?

    1. Big Bird ... I mean, come on! 2. Cookie Monster ... his typewriter skit in Xmas Eve on SS is so hilarious and remains to this day one of the greatest muppet bits ever 3. Grover ... looooooove Super Grover ... also, the old skits where he's a waiter are some of the best!
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    A Question about A particular Sesame Street Character

    Baby Bear to me has always been the equivalent of Scrappy Doo; kinda annoying :batty:
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    La-La-La-La, La-La-La-La, Gitmos World

    OK, not SS-relate, per se, but did you catch this on The Daily Show? It was so funny! :)
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    25th Anniversary Follow That Bird Edition!

    In the words of Krusty, "I think I just seltzered myself"
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    After Years in Obscurity, I'm Back...

    Yes ... I entered a few years ago, but did indeed get lost. Effin Doozers were no help, either; they just kept trying to build stuff. And no, never had an avatar; must get one. :crazy:
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    Disney Enlists Segel & Stoller for new Muppets movie

    Brian Henson is an awesome director, even better than his dad (hate to say, but it's true); this is partly why I was dissapointed when Disney bought the muppets; there's less of a chance of him being on board for a project. What do you think the chances are of him being involved in future...
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    New behind-the-scenes book to celebrate Fraggle Rock

    I still hope that this book is released, if not by IE then by another publisher. It sounded like an awesome book ... and it's about time that Fraggle Rock gets one.
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    Your Thoughts: Street Gang – The Complete History of Sesame Street

    I ordered the book what seems like forever ago at a local indie in San Jose (support those independents, guys!), and am finally gonna recieve it soon.
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    After Years in Obscurity, I'm Back...

    ... and this forum is full of names I don't recognize. Anybody remember me?
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    Steve Martin used to be so great.

    I have seen plenty of stuff. Including movies and some of his stand-up routines. IMO, he is much, much funnier now. Like Pink Panther. Hilarious performance, but it was in a terrible film.
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    What's Your MySpace Address?

    Mine is: What's yours?:D
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    Do i Still Know Many of You?

    lol You, too
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    Electric Mayhem's origins

    Hmmm ... that's interesting; I never thought of that. To my knowledge, it was never revealed.
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    My 1 Year Anniversary on MC!!

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    Whatcha Doing This Summer?

    So ... tell us ... what are you doing this Summer? For now, I'm going to be in the musical theatre intensive conservatory at AMT (American Musical Theatre of San Jose), see several musicals, go to a handful of Giants games, and go to several concerts.
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    Last Book you Read Thread

    Son of a Witch, and I am just about to read "Without You" by Anthony Rapp (i went to his book lecture/signing this past Saturday in San Francisco).
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    Miss Piggy Pizza Hut commercial on

    Oh lord, I practically despise those new commercials!