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  1. muppet baby

    Got a front row seat to see Bon Jovi in Lubbock Texas on March 17 at 7:30 pm!

    i have wanted to see Bon jovi in Concert so bad i have grown up with his music and love him so much i can not wait i thought i was not going to get a ticket since i did not get a chance to stand in line at the ticket centers , so i had it in my mind that when i got on the internet ticket place i...
  2. muppet baby

    Anyone going to see Tangled?

    I am so excited about the new Disney movie Tangled , it is a version of the fairy Tale Rapunzel about the baby that was stolen by a witch , and becomes a princess locked in a tower and you can only get in by climbing up her long braided hair , that her evil mother made her grow . I have to...
  3. muppet baby

    Happy 50th Aniversy to the Flintstones My all time faverite cartoon

    Wow i heard today that the Flintsones turned 5o today . I love this show i have been watching since i was 5 years old and i am so happy to have all 6 seasons on dvd . I will want to get Blu rays to when those come out sometime . I know that Fred can really be crazy but i love though how fred...
  4. muppet baby

    Miss Piggy on Desperate Housewives Season 6 DVD

    Hi sorry if this has been posted , somwhere else on the forum already if it has feel free to delate this theard . Anyway yesterday i was looking at tvshowsondvd.com , and found that the season 6 of desperate houswives , and there is a bonus feature where miss piggy will do interviews on the...
  5. muppet baby

    When you wish apon a muppet eposid

    Ok i have a qustion about this epsoide and that question is : when kermit wants to make a wish he makes the wish that he wants all of the muppet babies to stay together forever and make movies and tv shows when they grow up , and then the last line in the eposid is My wish has a good chance of...
  6. muppet baby

    Will there be a CGI Muppet Babies?

    I heard about this related is this mean that they are having another muppet bables show ! any info out there about this ?:)
  7. muppet baby

    Please Pray for my Sholder

    Hi Everyone , well i know i have been away for a while well i had to do somethings for work and i got unepectlly pulled away from any time on the forum , i was just geting ready to come back and a old sholder injery has flared up again . It is my right shoulder that is the arm that i use for...
  8. muppet baby

    I need prayers

    Hi every one i am having some back and neck problems all week long and i am going to the ciropractor later in the week it has been a long time since it has been this bad and i think it has come from me having shingles a few weeks ago that happens with a major illness . My muscles spasm and cramp...
  9. muppet baby

    I finally got a PSP and i LOVE IT SOOOOOOOO MUCH

    HI everyone , i have some great news , i finally got a PSP and i love it so much . I have been waiting for one of the entrainment bundle packs , to come out because u get a game and a movie and a Memory stick. I love it so much I got the Hanna Montana bundle with a sony Rock on the with the...
  10. muppet baby

    Please pray for my cousin colt garrett

    Please pray for my cousin colt garrett , he was hurt in his first football game of the season in school tonight , he was taken to the nearist hospital. They did not have the fix his arm , arm there so he is having to come to Lubbock tomrow , he lives 90 miles from there . He is going to see...
  11. muppet baby

    Muppet babies on the disney channel

    One thing that i really hope with disney buying marval comics now that muppet babies will be back on the disney channel and also on dvd and or Blu ray very soon . I did not know that Muppet babies where on disney channel in the past until i happened to see some of the videos on youtube . I...
  12. muppet baby

    Back after 3 days away

    I have been sick since last week yuck , and going to be sick another week the doc thinks . i am so glad to be back at this happy place it makes me feel good when i am having a bad day . Please pray for me , i have singles and it is not fun , i can not belive that i have it my doc said it is...
  13. muppet baby

    Fraggle Rock Repackaged Complete Series: 11/03/2009

    ok for those of you who want a complete series package of FR and not indoveual box sets loions gate is coming out with it looks like a better one i got the other one when it was on sale from amazon . It has a few extras than the other one shoot on me LOL . www.tvshowsondvd.com has the...
  14. muppet baby

    Going away for almost 2 weeks

    I am going to SD for a vaction can not wait to see mout rushmore . I am also going to the flinstone RV and amusment park . i am such a flintsone fan . Will try and post some pictures when i get home . i hope that i will have some interent at the RV parks that we stop at along the way, never...
  15. muppet baby

    MR i got one ! i have one question though .

    I love my MR Gonzo , but i have one question about his face and then also the the brass name plate that they gave to put on the stand . OK first the question about the braes name plat e . It says in the that there is a number on the plate , to show what number he was in production , well...
  16. muppet baby

    Hi everyone i am back after a week or so away .

    Hi everyone i am back , i would have have put on the forum that i was going to be gone a week or so , before i left but i got sick and could not get on the PC because it was giving me headaches and neckaches , really bad kind of all of the sudden, over the past , 5 monthes , i would have asked...
  17. muppet baby

    Hi Every one i am back

    I every one , i know i have been gone for a long time i can not believe i left on the 13th and came back just now . I have missed every one so much , my shunt problem with the pain and everything has seemed to heal for now . I hope it does not mess up again i will never know not one thing...
  18. muppet baby

    The Whatnot Workshop Coming to the Disney Parks in 2010

    Hi i just read on www.thelaughingplace.com that the muppet whatnot shope that is at FAO swarze online and at the the main store in NYC will be coming to both the disneyland and disneyworldl in 2010 they say that it will be at calfornia adventure and then they are not sure what part of...
  19. muppet baby

    The Fresh Prince Of Bel -Air thread

    This is another one of my sick day or bad day shows that makes me laough in good times and in bad LOL . I thoiught this show desverved it's own thread this is one of the best comedies ever created , i think do we have any other fans of this show on this fourm ? I wanted to watch this show...
  20. muppet baby

    Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre

    Do any of you remember this wonderful series from the 80s ? Here are the shows and the stars : 1) Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp : stars are James Earl Jones and Valerie Burtinelli 2) Beauty and the Beast stars Susan Sarandon 3) The Boy Who Left Home To Find Out About The Sivers ...