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  1. Karrion

    Spiny Norman

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Sorry about the lack of responce. Been a little sick(5 prescriptions. you do the math). Someone asked about the pot? It's a plastic 'terra cotta' pot from Home Depot. Cost about $3 and cuts pretty easily. I'm pretty happy with the eyes. They are those stuffed...
  2. Karrion

    Spiny Norman

    Well, here is puppet #2(technicaly #3). Dubbed Spiny Norman. Construction in almost all sewn fleece. Interesting learning that one given that I didn't know how to sew. Spines and thorns are 'craft foam' as is the piece inside the mouth to give it some shape. Urethane foam give the head shape...
  3. Karrion

    Articulated hands

    The one in the vid is interesting. The other one seems like it'd be super heavy. That's a lot of steel in there. I'm going to try a quicky hand based off of the info i have. I'll shoot some picture as I go. The basic system is polypropelyne(sp?) tube. This forms both the 'bones' and the joints...
  4. Karrion

    Guide To Puppet Building Resources: Back online & updated

    That's some good looking info. Thanks for posting it.
  5. Karrion

    Buck I Need Help

    Heat it with a torch to make it soft. A lot of wire is 'hard drawn' and will break if you bend it too much. Heating it just short of melting brings it to a softer state that is less likely to break. I always did this on wire I used inside my sculptures.
  6. Karrion

    Articulated hands

    Does anyone make cable controled hands? I learned a fairly simple method using poly tubing. I thought I'd give it a try.
  7. Karrion

    Buck I Need Help

    Do you anneal the wire first?
  8. Karrion

    Hello All

    I only used spray adhesive on the fabric. And I only used it there because the contact cement wet the cloth too bad. I followed proper 'spray both sides and let it tack off' procedure. The only place I'm having trouble is the fins.
  9. Karrion

    Hello All

    Hey guys, My fish has developed a problem. The edges of the fins are splitting. I'm going to have to sew them up. I had used spray adhesive to put them together. Should I have just sewed them in the first place? is the a solution I missed?
  10. Karrion

    Inside the Blinking Eye

    Cool. I have my own ideas how to do it but I like to see how other people tackle the same problem.
  11. Karrion

    Hello All

    Thanks for the comments. The fish is about 19 inches overall. Structure is 1/2 inch urethane foam. Skin is t-shirt material. Literaly, I cut up a shirt to get the color I wanted. Underside is white fabric. The scales are just strips of cloth with one edge cut into scale shape and attached in an...
  12. Karrion

    Hello All

    Thanks. This is my first puppet. Well, the first puppet I'm willing to show anyone. My ultimate goal is to make puppets professionaly. To that end I'm making a serires of muppets to learn the craft. Other than that I don't have any real plans for them.
  13. Karrion

    How to make a bird's beak

    Do you want it actualy hard or just look hard? How about thin plastic like 'for sale' sign material. You aren't going to get compound curves out of it but it'd be light and fairly stiff. I'm doing a bird myself. I'm trying painting foam. It'll be fairly rough but I think it'll work out for the...
  14. Karrion

    The Challenger Shuttle Tragedy, 20 Years Later WHERE WERE YOU?

    I was standing out front of autoshop waiting to get in for class. Amazing how that is burned in my mind.
  15. Karrion

    Arrested Development

    Unfortunately this is one of those shows that has a limited fan base. I for one just don't get the humor. That doesn't make it a bad show or a good show for that matter. I don't 'get' SpinalTap either.
  16. Karrion

    Tartakovsky directing Dark Crystal sequel

    I dunno. This whole thing makes me very nervous. Revisiting masterpieces always do. Dare I bring up SW episode one?
  17. Karrion

    Foam cubes available at Wal-Mart Supercenters

    D'oh! I never thought of that. Going to have to troll for couches now.
  18. Karrion

    Possibly my biggest break (so far) is coming up...

    Cool. Good luck.
  19. Karrion

    Inside the Blinking Eye

    Link seems to be dead. Temp problem?
  20. Karrion

    Fraggle and Kermit, similiar construction?

    Looks more like Scooter to me. I think someone had a pattern for a stuffed Scooter somewhere.