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  1. The Count

    Muppet Movie Airings December 2022

    Hi, thought I'd post this here, if it gets a "We're moving this discussion here" message so be it. There'll be a few Muppet movies aired in December 2022. Beginning this Friday, December 9, the extended version of The Muppet Christmas Caroll will be added to Disney+. The week after, on Friday...
  2. The Count

    Emmet Otter Action Figures coming soon!

    Hey youuuuu guys!!! :news: This is a Muppet News Flash! Earlier today, reputable Muppet fansite toughpigs broke the news that toy company Plastic Meatballs will be producing and releasing action figures based on the beloved Henson Christmas special Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas. At this...
  3. The Count

    Help with News Feed Items

    Hi, I have a technical question I'd hope to get step-by-step help in resolving. You know how when you log into the forum's front page you get various news items at the top of the page like the start of Sesame Street's 53rd season or Music is Everywhere and so on? How do I get rid of those once...
  4. The Count

    Halloween Music on Muppet Central Radio

    Hi... Since September's ending and October starts on Saturday, I was wondering if there'll be a Halloween Muppet music scarathon on MCR this year and if so what date(s) to plan accordingly given I've got my batty eyes on additional Halloween programming at the same time. Thanks. :batty:
  5. The Count

    Gaffer Quickie: Cossack Kicks

    Just a little oneshot that fans of another feline franchise will probably recognize. The camera zooms in on a suburban home's dining room table with Muppy sitting upon its surface towards the far open end. Uncle Deadly pops his head in. "Are we ready then?" He looks at Muppy on the table...
  6. The Count

    Happy Birthday BEAR2 and LittleJerry92

    Sending out birthday happiness to one of my longest forum friends, BEAR2, and one of the guys who keeps posting good stuff, LittleJerry92. Hope you guys got at least some righteous birthday cake/dessert out of today and here's to next year being just as great. :excited: :insatiable: :wisdom: :D
  7. The Count

    Very Merry Muppet Christmas on Freeform Monday December 6, 2021 and Thursday December 23, 2021

    Not sure where this thread should go: Muppet Headlines; Muppet Appearances; or Classic Muppets, so I welcome the thread being moved by the forum administration. It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (2002) will air as part of Freeform's 2021 25 Days of Christmas programming block. There'll...
  8. The Count

    Wanted: Sesame Street PVCs

    Hi, I'm looking to buy the following figures. Applause: Alice Snuffleupgus with a butterfly. *The Count with a jack-o'-lantern. Mr. Honker. Thomas, the blue Twiddlebug, wit a flowerpot. *Zoe wearing her bracelet. Comics Spain (Barrio Sesamo/Sesame Street): Betty Lou. Tyco: The Amazing Mumford...
  9. The Count

    Question about Sesame Street PVC Figures

    So I was curious and did a bit of history searching at the Muppet Wiki regarding the various lines of Sesame PVC's. Basically, there are two questions I have. How do the Tyco PVC figures compare heightwise to the Applause figures? How do the Minikin Heimo PVC figures compare heightwise to...
  10. The Count

    Looking for a Replacement DVD for Beetlejuice Animated Series

    Hi, I'm unhappy because of something I suspected just finally proving true. Unfortunately I need a replacement for the Beetlejuice Animated Series DVD set, specifically, Disc 12 or Season 4 Disc 8, the very last one from the set. If anyone here has a replacement/spare they'd be willing to sell...
  11. The Count

    Kermit on Disney Plus's This Is Me Special, 6/27/2021

    So Oscarfan just reported in a headline post over at toughpigs that :smile: will appear on a Pride Month special on Disney Plus's YouTube channel and Facebook page titled This Is Me airing on Sunday June 27, 2021. And of course, it'll be to sing "Rainbow Connection". Which leads me to think...
  12. The Count

    How do I access my "Your News Feed/Likes/Account"?

    Okay, I just can't seem to find the "Your News Feed/Likes/Account" from my profile page. So how do the rest of you guys manage to link into that portion of your forum accounts? :confused:
  13. The Count

    Sesame Street 2020 National Census

    Hey guys. Just caught a commercial for the 2020 US National Census with characters lfrom Sesame, including :laugh: and :batty: as the narrator. Not sure if Abby or Zoe were involved, the moment of speech was too brief to be able to distinguish one from the other clearly. Also, I think Nina...
  14. The Count

    Question about Forum Members Following Me

    So I have a question regarding the option regarding other forum members "following me". How do I get rid of certain forum member(s) that for one reason or another I simply don't want to be "following me"? I'm not talking about marking them as "Ignore" since that's not really an option for a...
  15. The Count

    Happy Birthday RedPiggy!

    Sending warm birthday wishes to one of my many forum friends, Kelly, better known as RedPiggy. Hope you celebrate it however you want that makes you happy. :excited: :insatiable: :hungry:
  16. The Count

    Invite Button for Conversations Not Working

    Dunno if anyone else has experienced this, but the "Invite More" feature for private conversations isn't working well for me. I click on the "Invite More" button, then get an edit field combo box with a tree list view expanded to enter the name(s) of the people I want to invite to the...
  17. The Count

    Happy Birthday Fragglemuppet!

    Huge b-day wishes to another fellow long-time forum member, Fragglemuppet. Hope you have fun however you celebrate your special day. *Sends a set of dicta-quills including a raven's, vulture's, and Skekses's feather. No acid green QQ quills though, unless you like little spicy snacks...
  18. The Count

    Happy Birthday Ruahnna!

    Just wanted to say "Happy Birthday!" to one of my many forum friends, Aunt Ru. Hope you have a good time celebrating whatever you end up doing today. *Wheels in the strawberry & cream birthday cake onto the table. :excited: :mad: :insatiable:
  19. The Count

    Happy Birthday newsmanfan!

    :news: Sorry to interrupt your previous programming, and other apologies for reporting this late in the evening edition... Reports are coming in that a Muppet forum member is currently celebrating their birthday, in a festive manner that we hope isn't mangling nor making a mockery of such a...
  20. The Count

    Happy Birthday BeckyDr!

    Just sending some birthday wishes to a forum friend from back when I first joined, when I was posting daily Sesame episode breakdowns in the 200's. Becky's a great person, hope she has a happy birthday today with her friends/family. :excited: :eek: :insatiable: