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    Here's what Hal Miller "Gordon 1972-1974" looks like today!

    Ever wonder what happened to the long-lost Gordon from 1972-1974, here's a cool video I stumbled across on YouTube: Hal Miller talking about art and song:
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    Wed 9/19 - Big Bird visits Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

    Heads up: Today, PBS is replaying the 1981 episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood where Big Bird visits the Neighborhood of Make Believe to participate in King Friday XIII's drawing contest.
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    Sesame Puppeteers Making Opportunities for Themselves

    Isn't it interesting how more Sesame Muppeteers are involved with projects outside the show these days? I guess with Sesame's reduced production schedule (26 episodes), the Muppeteers have to find ways to keep themselves busy during the downtime. For instance: David Rudman, Alice...
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    The Electric Company Reunion Show - 10/29

    Hi: Did anyone catch this special "THE ELECTRIC COMPANY GREATEST HITS AND BITS" on PBS this past weekend? It was on at 5:00 on the local San Francisco PBS station (GROVER was on it, that's how this qualifies for this forum section), but: They had interviews from all the actors from...
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    How to build your very own SESAME STREET set

    Just for kicks, I've been imagining what would it take to construct your very own life-like SESAME STREET SET in your backyard? If money were no object, then here are the elments to bring the show into your reality: 1) Your own SESAME STREET LAMPPOST, in the same style as it is on the show...
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    Some 1970 SESAME STREET clips

    1. The original 1970 I Love Trash, with 1970 fluffy, light-green Oscar the Grouch in SPANISH: 2. 1970 Everybody Makes Mistakes - look for the first glimpse of green Oscar, and some SLOPPY puppeteering on...
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    Female Muppeteers Appreciation Thread

    Just wanted to do a shout-out to all of the female Muppeteers, past and present. (Have I forgotten anyone?) Fran Brill Leslie Carrera-Rudolph Carmen Osbahr Pam Arciero Stephanie D'Abruzzo Lisa Buckley Judy Sladky - Camille Kampouris Jennifer Barnhardt Karen Prell Kathryn...
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    A great video clip: SESAME honors MISTER ROGERS

    Don't know how many of you have seen this, but this looks like it was a PBS special done around 2003 or 2004, right after Fred Rogers' death, but: I think it shows how much class the producers, creators, and performers of SS show towards their fellow educational shows. They're not rivals...
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    Classic Sesame on Electric Company DVD's

    Don't have a cow about having Electric Company info posted here in this category, but in case anyone wants to see more clips featuring 1970's Big Bird and Oscar, the new ELECTRIC COMPANY DVD box set should satisfy the nostalgic SESAME STREET fan, because in it, we get: 1) A 1973 episode in...
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    This explains everything about Spinney and Vogel

    OK, well THAT was interesting. Anyone notice that on today's episode, where Big Bird becomes little, he had TWO voices? Re-watching this episode on Tivo confirms this: Apparently, Carroll Spinney played Big Bird on the street scene before he was turned little, and they did the old...
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    Closing theme, anyone?

    Does anyone have an MP3 of the original classic closing theme? You know, the one where Barkley and the kids play hide and seek behind the tree.
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    Ever want a real SESAME STREET lamp post?

    Well, home-made. Rate this guy's handiwork on a scale from 1 to 10. I found it on Ebay. He's basically selling a 40 dollar floor lamp with a home-made SESAME sign attached to it, but it's not half-bad...
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    Classic Sesame on Sprout? Look here

    Well, I was able to get the On Demand schedule for Sprout, and according to the list, they ARE showing Sesame Street episodes 6, 7, 8, 9, as well as some eps. from the late 3000's (would that be the 25th year?) Look here...
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    Same Muppeteer Having Two Characters in One Scene

    I was watching an old clip where the Sesame Street Little Theater proudly presents: "Let's Make a Face" and I think this is the only time I've ever seen where Frank Oz's Bert actually talks to and refers to Grover by name and vice versa. Other instances where Muppets, played by the same...
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    Couple of questions for Muppeteers

    Any Muppeteers out there? Here are a couple questions that struck me while watching TMS: S1: 1) What kind of endurance levels does one have to keep their hands above their heads for such large amounts of time? I recently was watching the Grover skit from 1970 where he sings "Over...
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    Where were you when Jim Henson died?

    Where were you when you heard Jim Henson died? I think it's akin to hearing that Reagan was shot or the Challenger blowing up. I was a sophomore at Cornell when my mom casually told over the phone, and man was I floored. The single most influential man of my generation - for me- was...
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    Note to mikebennidict

    Mike: Please stop bossing people around on this forum. Gets on everyone's nerves. If you encounter something that displeases you on a topic, just move on. Thanks.
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    How to contact FRAN BRILL?

    Anyone know how to contact or write to FRAN BRILL? I want to send her a pic of my 3 year old daughter and her collection of Zoe and Prairie Dawn dolls adn show her how much her work is appreicated.... Thanks!
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    Any pics of Fran Brill?

    I forget what she looks like. Anyone have any pics of the woman behind Zoe, Prairie Dawn, and Little Bird?
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    How does Matt Vogel perform Big Bird?

    Today on Journey to Ernie, I saw Matt Vogel's Big Bird move with his beak and BOTH arms in motion. Now, unless he has three hands, how does he make Big Bird's mouth move with both wings flapping at the same time? For the record, Big Bird was full on camera doing a dance to the tune of "One...