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  1. batjimi

    Elmo Replica

    that looks great! now is that the 1.5 inch pile length shaggy red fur? that is in the link? thanks
  2. batjimi

    My latest, A Sheepdog

    that is awesomely huge!!
  3. batjimi

    New Puppet - Baby puppet (doesn't have a name yet)

    Hello what a great puppet! and thanks for the line on the puppet eyes one questions what size of eyes did you buy it looks like there is 3 different sizes any help you can give would be great thanks
  4. batjimi

    Beaker replica

    Todd the chicken looks awesome "nice legs" cany wait to see flyod!
  5. batjimi

    Beaker replica

    Hello TML is there anyway I could email you about some of the stuff you do if you want to email me im thanks
  6. batjimi

    Ostrich Feather Mayhem!

    I dont know if you stated in the video (great stuff by the way) but where did you buy the fringe feathers from thanks for posting
  7. batjimi

    Beaker replica

    These are great replicas can I ask if you used quaker oats cans?? they are the cardboard ones? I have to make one of these, any help would be great also where did you get the shirt? just store bought?
  8. batjimi

    Making and Sanding Foam Noses

    Hey everyone I remember seeing a video of making a foam nose, where he cut it out of a foam block then sanded it smooth on a belt sander? He also dyed it the color he wanted has anyone done this and knows a few things about it? . such as what type of sand paper to use on the belt sander...
  9. batjimi


    Hello another way is to look at stuffed animals even buy cheap ones and deconstruct them I got a nice body shape by taking apart a fraggle stuffed animal and just tracing the pattern hers a hint... make them small first so you dont use up your foam if you make it 2 -3 inches big see...
  10. batjimi

    My own Fraggle Replicas

    those look great! I sent you a pm
  11. batjimi

    The Monstro Pattern

    Hey gang I got mine in the mail too! very excited about it very fast shipping ( as always) I want to email them they have a pic of the different types of fur to use and I would like to know what type they are so when I try to order them I know what to ask for otherwise another...
  12. batjimi

    Puppeteer's Resources Links

    Puppet Materials Needed Hello I am a new puppet builder and I wanted to know what material fossie:o and oscar :grouchy: are made of? ( the shaggy material and where to get it) now I know about fleece ( the stuff kermit and most of the other muppets are covered with) but I could not find...