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    It's time to answer that question again

    As I ask you all how is a Muppet made?
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    Who's this character

    the blue one in front of Jim Henson
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    Carroll Spinney's future

    What if (god forbid) Something happened to Carroll Spinney resulting in his death. Do you think Big Bird MUST go on?
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    Muppets Tonight Outline: Rosie O'Donnell

    OPENING The show begins backstage with Clifford, Rizzo and Kermit. Clifford tells Kermit how nice this TV station is for having their show on. Rizzo agrees and so does Kermit. Then, all of a sudden, as if it's right on cue a midget wearing a suit walks in and tells them all to leave they're not...
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    Sesame Street News: Little Shop Of Horrors

    Announcer: We take you now to Kermit The Frog for another fast breaking news story. (Kermit The Frog is in a place on Sesame Street that we've never seen. He's on a street corner talking to 3 women) Kermit The Frog: So how lucky does (pulls out 1 dollar) 1 dollar get me? 3 Women: EW! (The 3...
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    My introduction thread

    name: Rattus P Rattus (would put my real name here but then last time I did that people kept falling me by that) age: 18 favourite muppets: Kermit The Frog (the leader) if he counts, Count Von Count (cause I thought he was a real vampire) and if he counts, Cookie Monster favourite song sung...