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    Floyd for sale

    It's after the holidays & I need some extra cash so I put my Floyd puppet up for auction on ebay. Check it out: Thanks for your interest. :sing:
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    Grover puppet for auction

    I put my Grover puppet up for auction if anyone is interested. Need some $$$ :super:
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    A question about polyurethane foam

    After a few years of this being stalled, my Miss Piggy head sculpture is finally finished and ready to cast. Can anyone recommend a product or brand of foam that they have used before? This is totally new to me. I would welcome any advice from you seasoned special effects folks! Looking for...
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    My latest replica

    A blue furry adorable monster. :super:
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    New puppets and rebuilds

    How I spent my summer vacation: I made three new puppets and rebuilt some old ones. Check em out at: I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you! :flirt:
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    Help with casting foam for a puppet

    Hey ladies n gents, this summer, a friend and I have been working on a Miss Piggy head beginning with a clay sculpture. We are now at the point of making a mold and casting it out of foam, but we're kinda stumped. Making the mold is the easy part, but can you create a plug so you don't have...
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    Kermit photo puppet for auction

    I originally bought the Master Replicas Kermit for reference for making my own Kermit puppet. Now that I have a real puppet I'm happy with and $ is tight, I thought I'd auction it off on ebay. Just a heads up if anyone is interested. :)...
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    Muppet Backstage Playset for sale

    I am selling a loose Muppets backstage playset. It is missing the 3 small lights on the wall, but other than that it is in good condition. Here's the link if anyone is interested. :sympathy...
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    Gonzo question

    Does Gonzo have a seperate head or is it attached like Elmo & Grover? Does anybody know? :concern:
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    Modified Animal & Gonzo photo puppets

    Hi everbody. I modified my Animal Master Replicas photo puppet. I hollowed him out, removed the wires from his arms, added arm rods and practically dismantled his head. I put in a mouth plate and replaced his teeth, nose, and tongue with foam ones. I also unglued his eyebrows and added a...
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    Homemade Puppets

    Hi ho! I've been a member for a while here an post from time to time. I teach elementary art and about two years ago I decided to start using puppets in my classroom to help with boring things like classroom management, how to use materials, and how to clean up. I made three original puppets...
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    Whatnots at Toys R Us Stores

    I was in Toys R US today an in their FAO section at the front of the store, they had a green Muppet Whatnot. No features or clothes. It said "green body" on the SKU tag. I saw not facial pieces or clothes to purchase anywhere though.
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    Miss Piggy & Gonzo in Disney skit

    This is from the 35th anniversary of Disneyland, but I had never seen it before. It's very funny and makes me wonder if this is where they got the idea for the Piggy as Cinderella bit. Is it me, or does Piggy look a little, um, hollow and stretched out...
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    Help with faux fur

    I am using Project Puppet's Mostro pattern to make a puppet for use in my classroom and I needed some assistance. It suggests boiling faux fur to give it texture. Should the fur be boiled before you cut/sew it or should you wait until your pieces have been put together and then boil them...
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    Pictures of the new eFX Replicas: Reporter Kermit, Rizzo and Miss Piggy has posted pictures of a glass case at the EFX booth showing a Reporter Kermit, Rizzo the Rat and a Miss Piggy head sculpt. Exciting stuff!
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    Jim Henson creature shop on Science of the Movies

    The Jim Henson Creature Shop was featured on last week's Science of the Movies on the science channel. They showed how foam and felt puppets work and how they later branched out into computer controlled puppetry and they finished with a demo of Sid the Science Kid. It was cool.
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    Muppet story on

    There's cool Muppet story on about the origins of some of the characters.
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    Muppet Replica Christmas photos

    Here are some pictures of my Gonzo & Kermit Master Replicas decorating the tree. I also have some pics of my puppet replicas that we made. Check em out. Happy Holidays
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    Elmo's World exhibit opens

    A new addition to Rochester's Strong Museum Sesame Street exhibit opens next weekend with the addition of Elmo's World. Here's a link to the press release.'s%20World.pdf
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    Puppet idea sketch

    Hey I'm new on the forum here, though I was semi-regular on the Palisades Muppets boards. I teach elementary art and have come up with the idea of using puppets to help teach classroom management and some how to videos (Imovies is great). I designed the character to be very Muppetesque in...