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  1. The Count

    Your Thoughts: Fraggle Rock at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    Unlike the Sesame appearance, this one left me disappointed. The float itself was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it type of deal what with being sandwiched between the Baby Yoda balloon and the Jenny-O's T-Day feast float that both got more coverage. Also, I heard the Fraggles introduce themselves...
  2. The Count

    Your Thoughts: Sesame Street at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    So first of all, tie in promotion within this year's float for the upcoming Sesame Nutcracker special, good. The Sesame float did come in a smidge later than usual, but it still came within the first half hour of the parade so that's okay by me. The thing that made it more special this year...
  3. The Count

    Custom figures and dioramas

    Hmm, given my own visual handicap... Maybe use a DST S2 Animal for Lew? Either that or an S4 Dr. Teeth. As for the second DST S1 Scooter, you've got plenty of options like either Wayne or Chip just to name a few. Hope this helps.
  4. The Count

    Emmet Otter Action Figures coming soon!

    Hexcept for the fact I don't post any April Fools Day threads. Oh, and that one about Bear in The Big Blue House on Disney+ came true too. Still waiting for more details like pricing and figure size to add as special guest stars to my Muppet collection. :)
  5. The Count

    Emmet Otter Action Figures coming soon!

    Hey youuuuu guys!!! :news: This is a Muppet News Flash! Earlier today, reputable Muppet fansite toughpigs broke the news that toy company Plastic Meatballs will be producing and releasing action figures based on the beloved Henson Christmas special Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas. At this...
  6. The Count

    Help with News Feed Items

    Hi, I have a technical question I'd hope to get step-by-step help in resolving. You know how when you log into the forum's front page you get various news items at the top of the page like the start of Sesame Street's 53rd season or Music is Everywhere and so on? How do I get rid of those once...
  7. The Count

    Your Thoughts: Halloween Spooktacular on Muppet Central Radio

    After listening, I'm curious about a few instrumental pieces. Along with the instrumental version of Rest In Peace, I presume Hallways of Doom and Doin' The Bride Slide also come from Muppets Haunted Mansion? From Muppet Monster Adventure, Beware Of The Warebare (SP?), Croak Lahoma, Grave...
  8. The Count

    Tales from the Marvelous World: "A Deadly Romance"

    A fiendly bump so others can find this ghoulish gem. Also, I kind of keep up with the MCU and other shows, at least somewhat on the surface so don't ask me about in-depth trivia tidbits. But I wonder if this oneshot might be expanded with a Muppety/MCU crossover of WandaVision, Dr. Strange in...
  9. The Count

    We did that in a beastly cartoon, it was a beauty

    Er... Croon = to sing, you know, how like Floyd Pepper's Muppeticon here is exactly that. No, rats didn't perform the act singing in a "beastly cartoon" as Yolanda says. It's a reference/euphemism as to how Walt Disney Pictures/Animated Studios already made a "cartoon" or animated feature film...
  10. The Count

    We did that in a beastly cartoon, it was a beauty

    Actually... The references start off from the line (s) sung by The Great McGuffin: "If this is too macabre. Just follow the floating candelabra." (Which is a reference to the floating candelabra gag from Disney's The Haunted Mansion attraction). Then the unnamed rat sings: "But he ain't...
  11. The Count

    Your Thoughts: Halloween Spooktacular on Muppet Central Radio

    Yaaaaay! I'm already plugged in and listening, gonna be a great Halloween. :batty: :scary: :grr:
  12. The Count

    The new What Made You Smile Today thread

    So this comes mostly from yesterday. Had breakfast with the whole fam at my second brother's home. Spent some time with the older niece and then after my sister took her out for a while, we spent some time with my second brother and his baby who's almost half a year old. She's the cutest...
  13. The Count

    Custom figures and dioramas

    So as part of my nowhere man plans for Muppet figure ideas in my own head like Muppets Haunted Mansion and The Muppety World of :crazy: Potter, I was wondering what figures would work best to turn into Wayne and Wanda? Wayne, Palisades S3 ; or S7 Johnny Fiama? Wanda, Palisades Swinetrek Playset...
  14. The Count

    Muppets Haunted Mansion premieres on Disney Channel October 22, 2022

    Ah... That should have been made clearer in the previous post as I thought the special would air on Sunday October 23 2022 after its airing the previous day. When it didn't air it left me :confused: and then to have it air tonight when I wasn't ready for it only to find it near the end of the...
  15. The Count

    Your Thoughts: The Muppets on the Masked Singer on Wednesday October 26, 2022

    You know, I'm kind of surprised that ToughPigs didn't put up a "VCR Alert" notice in their News section on their front page regarding this after posting the initial announcement that the Muppets would be featured on a special themed episode of The Masked Singer. Meh, no real difference to me...
  16. The Count

    Your Thoughts: Muppets Haunted Mansion on Disney+

    Okay, I'm just going to post my questions here though I could cue up the special on Disney Plus and pause it at the relevant points. What specific Haunted Mansion ghostly character is Scooter meant to portray when he shows up during the song "Life Hereafter"? If unknown, then what ghostly form...
  17. The Count

    Muppets Haunted Mansion premieres on Disney Channel October 22, 2022

    Finished watching MHM on the Disney Channel, and I still loved it. A few things I picked up on after a year of conversations here and research on the various Wikis, a few things that are still mysteries to me due to my visual handicap, but still a great special and worthy addition to the Nights...
  18. The Count

    Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?

    Thanks Shane. If anyone out there has MUP3's of Rest In Peace and Tie The Knot Tango, please LMK ASAP. :batty:
  19. The Count

    Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?

    Which ones are you looking for? I have the Bear Holiday Celebrations album and I'd have to look it up at the Muppet Wiki but probably another two albums worth. BTW: Anyone have the songs from MHM (Muppets Haunted Mansion)? Thanks. :scary:
  20. The Count

    Sesame Street characters seen in a Disney game

    Since I do it with a Disney character finger puppet when playing with my elder niece, maybe the Sesame Martians are meant to be a reference to the LGM's (Little Green Men aliens) from Toy Story/Buzz Lightyear? :search: