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  1. Jackie

    Jackie's getting married!

    Hey Everyone! As usual, it has been a long time! Still, I am so excited! I wanted to let you all know that Joe and I are finally getting married! Yeah! Next August! Lol! We've been together for 5 1/2 years now so some of you MC veterans might remember when I met him. Can you believe...
  2. Jackie

    The Bill Barretta Borrowers is BACK!!! Come one, come all to the second (or third) grand opening of the BBB! We are back on Delphi and SOOOOO happy to be there! We failed on YAHOO! but Delphi is where we belong! CHECK IT OUT!
  3. Jackie

    Freddie Blassie Dies at age 85

    I know there are a few wrestling fans on the board, and being a former wrestling fan myself Freddie Blassie was always an inspiration. He was a brave man that saw a lot of things in his lifetime. He truly lived life to the fullest and I wish I would be able to say the same thing when I pass...
  4. Jackie

    Happy Birthday Zack The Dog!!!

    Happy Birthday Zack!!! You've always been a good friend to me around here and I just wanted to make sure everyone knows its your BIRTHDAY!!! I HOPE IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!! Love, Jackie
  5. Jackie

    Jackie and Joe meet Jes and Joggy

    What a day! LOL! As most of you know Joggy has traveled to America this week and since he was in the area we all decided to have a nice little get together! This will be Jackie's point of view! LOL!! Everyone else is free to post their points of view later. Sooo, Joggy is staying in NYC...
  6. Jackie

    YOUR FACE! Updates!

    Today...National Spoovy Day will be the day of a MAJOR update on Emmy's awesome Richard Hunt website entitled YOUR FACE! I have heard Emmy say that she will have it updated tonight no matter what it takes! Actually I saw it in an email and she said maybe, BUT STILL check it out anyway...
  7. Jackie

    Which Rainbow Brite Kid are you? I'm Canary Yellow :)
  8. Jackie

    Back to School

    Well it's that time of year again! School starts and my posting 50+ messages a day is going to calm down a bit LOL! Right now I'm killing a bit of time inbetween classes byt usually this time will be spent studying or doing homework. Don't worry though. You guys still have the Emmy and...
  9. Jackie

    Favorite Muffin Quotes!

    My personal favorite...that I just made up is: "Live long and eat Muffins." What are some of YOUR favorite Muffin quotes?
  10. Jackie

    Jackie's List of Trades!

    Hey Everyone! Summer is quickly coming to a close and I decided to compile a list of all my Muppet stuff in hopes that some of you have the missing Specials, Episodes, and other stuff that I so desperately want to get my hands on. So if anybody sees something on my list that they want, please...
  11. Jackie

    Muppet Family Christmas!

    Since Sammi posted that Brent watched MFS with her, i wanted to let everyone know that Joe watch Muppet Family Christmas with me the other day! Whooohooo! LOL! Watch out for the Icy Patch!
  12. Jackie

    Member Status

    Emmy and I have decided to forget about Senior Status and just make up our own catagory because....well because we're lazy and we have nothing better to do right now! I hereby dub Emmy and I, MUFFIN MEMBERS! Thank you, that is all!
  13. Jackie

    I Love Kenneth Lily

    OH MY GOD! The surprise that goes to the first 500 sign ups to the COLLECTORS club has got me PARALIZED WITH EXCITEMENT! KEN! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! (i'll keep it a surprise!!!!!!)
  14. Jackie

    Jackie's going to Mexico!

    Hey all! I just wanted to let anyone know who cares that I will be leaving to go on a cruise to Mexico on Friday and I won't be back until July 8th! If anyone needs to get in touch with me you should do it by tomorrow because I will not have internet axcess for 10 days! eeeek! What am I...
  15. Jackie

    Play With Me Sesame In NEW JERSEY

    I read this in my Star Ledger today: Can you tell me how to get to Woodbridge? (that's where I live) There's a free play date for all New Jersey kids and their families on Saturday, when Bert, Ernie- and our personal favorite, Grover- head to the Villiage Court on the lower level of the...
  16. Jackie

    How wide, how far, how real it is...

    Does anyone have this song on MP3 sung by Junior Gorg in "The Gorg who would be King?" It's one of my all time favorite Richard Hunt songs...
  17. Jackie

    What's your favorite muffin?

    There are many delectable muffins out there, my question is what is your favorite? I personally enjoy the's a gooey blend of fruit, sugar, and muffiny goodness :)