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Search results

  1. christyb

    Untitled Fanfic

    One The dock loomed with ghosts of yesteryear gone by. When the music played, half finished fanfics were awesome, and the biggest concern was who was more awesome SWAEHB or RHLC. Albeit both knew the Bill Baretta group was way past them in awesomeness and longevity. Looking around you'd see...
  2. christyb

    Old Fraggle Rock Books

    Hey I didn't know if anyone would love this tidbit of nostalgia. A local library was cleaning off their shelves to make room for new books. Well a friend of mine works there called me up and said "Hey girl I have a surprise for you" Well I went down there and she had this stack of old Fraggle...
  3. christyb

    Fulfilling a Promise I made

    Hi those of you who remember me. :) Forever and three days ago. Yes three! I counted even. I promised to let you guys know that I'd add you to certain things like Facebook. Well now I can. :D Ever since Thanksgiving I have been the moderator for David Archuleta. Some of you might remember him...
  4. christyb

    Facebook and MC for me

    Okay before certain members whine and complain about me doing this hear me out okay? This is the easiest and quickest way for me to get everyone. Yes I am alive. I'm battling a bit of hardtimes in my family. That explains my absnence. That and busy with a new job with more responsibility. I took...
  5. christyb

    Muppet Pin Trading Headquarters Inc.

    I recently got back from my recent trip to WDW. I had a great time. On it I pin traded. Okay so the grammar of that last sentence stinks. Anyways, I thought I'd start this as a MC location for swapping Muppet pins or Disney pins in general and a help spot maybe to post if we spot a pin someone...
  6. christyb

    Orlando and the Muppets- Summer '08

    Yes in two weeks I am headed to Disney and all the greatness known as the giant Flordia tourist trap. So for those of you wondering what's up with the Muppets in Flordia this summer I will be there filming it all (Plus a special message from Mother Moppet as she meets the Pirates of The...
  7. christyb

    I disappear a lot, but I still love my family!

    Heeeeeeeellllllooooooooo Muppet Central. It's 6 am central standard time. I've had about two hours sleep and boy does this cinnamon thing my mom bought tastes nasty. Anyways, where have I been? Busy...unfortunately. Let's see two jobs and school. That and my seventeen year old sister has a...
  8. christyb

    MC Memories

    Hello everyone! It's fairly early for me and yes I should be getting ready for school. Key word there is should. Anyways, I got to thinking about good ol' MC and the time I've been a member here. It's been what four years now? Wow, so much has happened! So many great memories and gags that I...
  9. christyb


    Hi guys! Now that I'm back...ish I've been wondering. I'm active and writing on a website called Fanfiction.net. Is anyone else writing over there? (Along with here of course. ;))
  10. christyb

    Crystal from COT

    Okay, I'm sitting here in COT ( a class I'm in) and well we were talking about forum gags gone wrong. So showed them Mopfam (no not SWAEHB). Then Traven a guy next to me told me someone used to play in it named Crystal but alas they couldnt' think of your forum name or Mopfam character. Please...
  11. christyb

    Moppet Family: Three Years

    Hi guys! It's me...well if anyone knows who me is anymore. If anyone has even noticed I've been awol. Kinda to explain all that. I started this new job...was made the manager....so I'm working all the time because I practically run the place...then I started writing a book. So that takes up all...
  12. christyb

    Inheritance Trilogy

    I don't know if there is already a thread for these books. (I've slept since then if it has been covered). I just would like to bounce some thoughts around on the books that are also know as the Eragon books. What do you think? Talk about key story points. Predictions for the last book yet to be...
  13. christyb

    Technically Speaking....

    I'm wondering how many people are labeled (like me) "I love my computer but I abuse the crap outta it!" You see I accidentally dropped my Macbook on concrete (zipper on my backpack gave out), it's scratched, dinged, sticky from coffee syrups, you name it. I love my machine but I treat it...
  14. christyb

    Return to the Magic: The Awakenings

    This is the first part in the fraggle trilogy. It'll take me time to finish this because it's three stories that came out of one simple rewrite. Anyways, I hope you all like it. That and make sure to have your teddies and kleenex boxes handy. The ending is a heart clincher.It's a work in...
  15. christyb

    From the Mailbox

    As I said in my thread "Saving the Dream" *looks over at empty thread as a tumble-weed goes by* Wow I really should clean in there more often. Er hmmm...as I was saying...The Count has been great in keeping me up to speed (not that I have time to read enough) with the latest and greatest...
  16. christyb

    I'm having a clock made..but I need help!

    Hi guys! Don't you love me and my huge thread titles? *looks off at stagehand* What? I know I'm rambling. Anyways, everyone knows and loves my avatar (sans the santa hat I have yet to remove) Anyways, I'm having someone *coughs, hacks* under the table *coughs, hacks* However, you wanna call it...
  17. christyb

    Okay guys...I need some help either that or a puppet

    Hello master puppetbuilders! I know I read this forum but rarely (okay never) respond. Anyways, at my church they know I'm a huge (or freakishly scary as they put it) muppet fan and I'd love to learn puppetry someday. Anyways to make a long story short (or longer at this rate) the director of...
  18. christyb

    Saving the Dream

    Hi guys. Thanks to Super Scooter for well giving me this idea..also to the fact that the semester is over and I have time to write. Destiny is on a hiatus until further notice...sorry guys. Also I'll warn you...you might wanna raid Lisa for your teddies. You'll need them. *******:)*******...
  19. christyb

    Avoiding Destiny

    Well not to steal from Beau's preview habit okay yes I am. :) Anyways, I have this piece that I've been working on for some time now. (about as long or longer than I have been The Reunion) This is kinda my thearpy story. When I'm stuck on my most important project (like I am now. Don't you love...
  20. christyb

    So I was on Zazzle.com goofing off and...

    So I was killing time while my computer was taking forever to update. Anyways, I was playing around creating a custom MC shirt (which BTW if I like it is it okay with you Phil if I actually order it?). On the front is the animal banner you can put on your website (which I happen to like) on the...