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    Statler & Waldorf on

    Very funny :D :)
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    Waldorf and Statler quote movies
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    Review of the NEW

    obviously now theres more just not muppet records all else is there
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    Your Thoughts: 2005 Super Bowl Pizza Hut Commercial

    I never actually caught what waldorf and statler said :sleep: :boo:
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    New Super Bowl Pizza Hut Commercial

    It should be the best theing on that night second to the game of the best sport on earth
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    Where do they keep the real Muppet puppets?

    I'm guessing the Disney company or Hensons son has them
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    Electric Mayhem Origins

    For the two of you debating over Janice and Mick Jagger there was once on a sesame street homevideo a thing based of VH1 with a Song based of the rolling stones with I can't get no cooperation (satisfaction) the only one that looked like the real musician was the one based of Jagger the drummer...
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    Electric Mayhem Origins

    Nah in the original movie Floyd played right
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    Electric Mayhem Origins

    moon was righty just commenting also you're the drummer in your band right?
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    Electric Mayhem Origins

    dosen't floyd also play lefty in the original movie also animal is lefty i think cause in one picture the hi-hat is on the right for drummers like me most of us play cross armed and the hi-hats on the right for leftys
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    Ever wonder about Nanny

    who knows why they never showed her upper body
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    Electric Mayhem Origins

    just as in the picture
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    Electric Mayhem Origins

    I think Floyd is Paul cause they're both lefty bassist and pink floyd for beind pink and named Floyd Animal. I thought was based of my boy Keith Moon both very wild but animal never did drugs and is unaturally un sober butn Keith was a great drummer and I take after his work in my drumming. Zoot...
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    Electric Mayhem Origins

    Anyone have anyone idea of who each charecter is based off. :sing:
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    Will Disney air the Muppet Show?

    I doubt it personally there's so many programs on disney
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    Muppet Wizard of Oz to film in September

    any one know when and how the movie is coming along i've been very busy playing football i just dont wanna miss the debut
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    Ashanti, Tarantino Off to See Muppets in 'Oz'

    may i mention the one where piggy played piggerella and skeeter, scooter, and nannie played the evil family and animal actually tried the shoe so miss piggy can play good but how ever being a selfish pig who overobsses with a frog is different
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    Ashanti, Tarantino Off to See Muppets in 'Oz'

    waldorf and statler have to be the wizard they're mysterious and funny just look at these pics I think bensen honey dew and beaker are too kind hearted to be the wizards but waldorf and statler can do nice evil and my favorite funny
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    Muppet Wizard of Oz to film in September

    besides bunsen honeydew seems to nice to be the wizard he's very un mysterious the other ones I suggested are definetly more mysterious like himself :confused: :eek:
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    Is Rowlf still around?

    I mean I can find little on EBay but there'll always be somthing "sigh" :sympathy: :sympathy: :sympathy: