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  1. Count von Count

    Links Section

    It has come to my attention that the the Muppet Central's Link Section has never been updated. More than 1/2 the web sites there doesn't even exists. :batty: With all the great new site that are up now, I think it's time that it gets fixed.
  2. Count von Count

    Muppet Madness Tournament 2011

    If you didn't already know Muppet Madness Tournament 2011 has officially begun!:) Cast your votes at: Remember you can vote every 12 hours until the end of March 20th to make sure your favorite Muppets advance to Round Two! Who do you think will win this year...
  3. Count von Count

    Black Friday'09

    If you don't know. Black friday is the Day After Thanksgiving, also know as Blitz Day. It's the day most retail stores offer customers some of the best specials/Hot Deals. -So my qustion is: Does any one know of any sales that a store is going to have?
  4. Count von Count

    Cheers on Facebook

    I'm trying to get as many fans of Cheers as I can. If you'r on facebook and a fan of Cheers here's the link: There is another Cheers Page. But this one is for the TV Show and real place in...
  5. Count von Count

    Your Thoughts: The Jay Leno Show

    The Jay Leno Show starts Tonight. On NBC. At 9 Central Time. :search:Is any one going to watch it? Any toughts so far? Is there any Jay fans on the forum?
  6. Count von Count

    Your Thoughts: Scooby Doo: The Mystery Begins

    What is you'r thought on the Scooby Doo The Mystery Begins. It comes on tonight on CN. :search:Is any one going to watch it? Here is the Fan-Thread of Scooby Doo on MC Forums. Post here what you truly think of the movie.
  7. Count von Count

    Older Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Ok so this thread is pretty straight forward, to all the older member's here. It is the same guide lines as the New Member's thread. This thread is for the newer members to meet the older members, like we do them on there thread. Or even for the older members to meet more older members...
  8. Count von Count

    Walt Disney Video Trade Site

    I looking for as many of the real old Walt Disney Tv Specials(the ones with Walt in them) for a project I'm working on. And was wondeing is there is a video trading site. Like the site for The Muppets Does any one know of such a site? ~~ The shows I'm working...
  9. Count von Count

    The Beatles 9.9.09

    As you may or may not know. There is a Beatles Rock Band Game coming out on 9.9.09 Here are some links to all the game's videos,there are over face-book. video1 video2 video3 B-Day Song TicketToRide And if you don't have a facebook book acount I'm sorry They might be found here . And On 9.9.09...
  10. Count von Count

    If Chins Could Kill Signed.

    I'm a big fan Bruce Campbell so I was happy when I recently found the Bruce Campbell book "If Chins Could Kill" Signed,at a book store. I'm no expert in priceing signed books. So I'm ask on the Forum, What do you think the price should be? The book is a 6th edition, if that helps anybody. I...
  11. Count von Count

    Sesame Place

    Has anyone seen this: I'm not to sure what to say about it. It's like a Sesame Street Land:batty: ~Sorry if there is ready a thread out I didn't see one:o.
  12. Count von Count

    Shark Week

    Discovery Channel's Shark Week starts ToDay :eek: Here a quiz I'm a Hammerhead Shark :search:Does any here a shark story? :eek:Been attacked?
  13. Count von Count

    What Cell Phone Do You Use?

    Hey Guys, I think I might get a new cell-phone. And was wondering what phones are good out there. I'm sure there is reviews on the internet but they seem not to say the bad things:sleep:. And reviews of the phone by the users are better.:cool: So just post what phone you use and rate it...
  14. Count von Count

    Muppeteers On Facebook?

    Just one simple question: Does any know if any Muppet Writers or Muppeteers are on Facebook? Thanks:batty:
  15. Count von Count

    I want the Original Season of All That.

    :batty: I want everyone to join this facebook page it's a petition for nick to put the original Nickelodeon's "All That" Season 1994-2000. On dvd. (you might have to copy and paste this link) NickelodeonNeeds to see how many of us...
  16. Count von Count

    Fire Up The Electric Company: AmEx Members Project!

    Hi everyone, This is a up-date that I got on face-book, And thought I could help by telling you-all here at The Muppet Central. "Sesame Workshop is relaunching The Electric Company, and we need your help! American Express is offering a $1.5 million grant to a project that makes a significant...
  17. Count von Count

    Petition to Bring The Muppet Show to TVLand?

    Hey it's me Count von Count, Just Thought you would want to know, If you get a acount name at And Go to my thread here
  18. Count von Count

    M.C.F's Groups

    Hi everyone it me, Can some-one tell me what groups on the user cp is. It looks like no use's it, so I don't know what it is. So my questions is, what groups are there to join? Thanks- Count von Count
  19. Count von Count

    Sesame Street Playground"

    I got this from Putumayo Kids is planning to release "Sesame Street Playground", an all-new CD/DVD set featuring songs and videos from Sesame Street productions around the world. "Sesame Street Playground" will be the first globally distributed Sesame Workshop audio CD, and...
  20. Count von Count

    Burn Notice

    Just to let you know, if you didn't, A new Season of Burn Notice starts to-day! 10/9c. This is a great show, that's what i think, so this thread is Open to Burn Notice- new, eps., fan reviews.... The New Season Premiere start is aboat - Michael discovers that he has been recruited by the...