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  1. Traveling Matt

    Fraggle Rock Season 4 Boxset: 11/3/2009

    Lions Gate, Jim Henson Co. sign distribution deal SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- The Jim Henson Co. and Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. said Monday they signed a distribution deal for more than 350 hours of content, including titles such as "Fraggle Rock: The Complete Final Season" and "Fraggle Rock...
  2. Traveling Matt

    Farscape: Complete Series and individual season DVDs coming November 2009 Good to hear! It sounds like there will be much bonus material, but it doesn't say it's new. Either way, good move from Henson. And it's nice to hear individual seasons are an option too. Now, can A&E do Fraggle Season 4?
  3. Traveling Matt

    Classic Henson Properties Now Available for Merchandise Licensing Opportunities

    Classic Legacy Properties from The Jim Henson Company Now Available for Merchandise Licensing Opportunities Recently expired licensing agreement with HIT Entertainment, Fraggle Rock and other properties to JHC control in time for Licensing Show 2009 HOLLYWOOD, CA (May 11, 2009)- The Jim...
  4. Traveling Matt

    Muppet Show Season 4 coming in 2013 reports that Season 4 of TMS will be coming next year, and that Disney will open Whatnot workshops in both Disneyland and Disney World:
  5. Traveling Matt

    "The Doozers" preschool series under development

    L.A.-based The Jim Henson Company has teamed up with Toronto's Decode Entertainment to bring beloved Fraggle Rock characters The Doozers to life in a 3-D animated preschool series that the pair plans to unveil at MIPTV. Anyone familiar with the calypso-tinged strains of the theme to Jim...
  6. Traveling Matt

    Warner unveils new "on demand" DVD ordering program

    Warner Home Video is unveiling a new, online “on-demand” DVD ordering program! They will be making nearly their entire library (almost 7,000 titles) available, over a period of time, to be purchased as either an online download or on DVD. Rather than mass producing DVDs and shipping them to...
  7. Traveling Matt

    LIFE photo library now on Google

    LIFE has placed their entire photo catalog on Google. A quick search for "Jim Henson" turns up some nice and rare images: "Sesame Street" also turns up some interesting results, including Time's 1970...
  8. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt photo?

    Hi all, Does anyone happen to have a hi-res file (hopefully JPEG) photo of Traveling Matt with the sunset behind him? He's holding a flag and has conquered a small mountain of books. It was one of the images on the 2006 calendar, I believe. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Traveling Matt

    Jim Henson Co. To Debut Two New Animated Shows At MIPCOM

    from Animation World Network, September 16 2008 The Jim Henson Company will debut two new CGI-animated series, DINOSAUR TRAIN and THE SKRUMPS, at MIPCOM Jr. Created for 3-6 year old children, DINOSAUR TRAIN, featuring a colorful steam engine that carries dinosaurs to the many prehistoric...
  10. Traveling Matt

    Fraggle Rock Complete Series Collection coming this fall

    Dance Your Cares Away and Celebrate 25 Years of the Jim Henson Company's Iconic Fraggle Rock The Ultimate DVD Set - The Fraggle Rock Complete Series Collection - Includes the Entire Award-Winning Series on 20 Discs, Plus An All-New Fraggle Rock Short Starring Red Fraggle Fraggle Rock...
  11. Traveling Matt

    Farscape CDs

    I couldn't find any previous mention of this on the forum, so I think it's news. Screen Archives Entertainment produces a large amount of film and television music on CD: a lot of (typically) rare material on a very regular basis. They have three CDs available featuring music from select...
  12. Traveling Matt

    2009 Fraggle calendar

    No artwork yet, but a release date: June 30th. This year's calendar has a lot of images we don't often see (some I had never seen). I hope they continue that :)
  13. Traveling Matt

    Lionsgate to distribute HIT Entertainment in North America

    Lionsgate Selected to Distribute HIT Entertainment's Premiere Family Entertainment Library in North America Agreement Catapults Lionsgate Into Top Three In North American Non-Theatrical Family Home Entertainment Marketplace With Distribution Rights To Thomas & Friends, Bob the Builder...
  14. Traveling Matt

    Would you like the entire catalog of Fraggle songs available on iTunes?

    After the recent news that all 96 Fraggle episodes would make their way onto iTunes, I thought it would be a good idea to e-mail Henson and ask about the availability of Fraggle music on iTunes too. The recent CD re-issuing of the original three albums is wonderful, no doubt. But in an age...
  15. Traveling Matt

    Senior Management Change at HIT

    HIT Entertainment, one of the world's leading independent children's entertainment producers and rights owners, announced today the resignation of its Chief Executive Officer, Bruce Steinberg, and the appointment of his successor, Jeffrey D. Dunn. Dunn is the former Chief Operating Officer...
  16. Traveling Matt

    Fraggles and Farscape now available on iTunes

    The Jim Henson Company launches on iTunes Sci-fi cult hit "Farscape" and classic puppet series "Fraggle Rock" go digital New York and Los Angeles - January 28, 2008 The Jim Henson Company today announced that favorites from the Company’s TV programming and feature film library will be...
  17. Traveling Matt

    Happy 25th, Fraggle Rock!

    Happy anniversary Fraggle Rock! Thank you for twenty-five years of wonderful music, unforgettable stories and so many delightful memories. We have not left the magic!
  18. Traveling Matt

    HIT founder Peter Orton dies

    Sad news, from Animation World Network... Peter Orton, founder and chairman of HIT Ent., whose properties include BOB THE BUILDER and THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE, has died following a long battle with throat cancer, reports THIS IS WILTSHIRE and THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER. He was 64. A colorful...
  19. Traveling Matt

    Low Amazon price for Fraggle box sets!

    If anyone has yet to pick up a season box set of Fraggle Rock, currently has all three selling for only $26.49 each: I don't think they've ever been...
  20. Traveling Matt

    New Fraggle 3-Disc CD Set and Clothing Line

    News fresh from this year's licensing show in NYC mentions new Fraggle products, including the third season on DVD, a new clothing line and a new collection of music on a 3-CD set! Fantastic Rockin' Fraggle Home Entertainment: "Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment in conjunction with...