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  1. uncleduke

    Kermit in New PSA

    Hope I am not re-hashing old news: Just saw a Public Service Announcement for Vision 20/20 featuring our favorite frog! I checked their website, and he's on there also (it's nice they did this but couldn't they have used a Muppet that wears glasses...
  2. uncleduke

    Songs from the Street at Costco

    Anyone who hasn't picked up this 3 CD set already (Shame on you)- I saw it at the Costco Warehouse store yesterday for $27.99
  3. uncleduke

    Sideshow/Weta "bust"-ing Their Butts

    As many of you know, I have a small online store ( and an even smaller physical shop - On the 4th of December, we received our Series 4 Muppet Busts (Zoot is phenomenal, easily one of the best busts yet produced, and he seems pretty darn limited, too!). Anyway, the point of...
  4. uncleduke

    Series 4 Busts Arrive: When and Where

    Just got in our first shipment of Series 4 Busts from Sideshow Toys. Fozzie Beauregard Zoot and Lew Are all in hand and ready for delivery in time for Holiday gift giving!
  5. uncleduke

    Law and Order

    Don't know if this counts or not - but did anyone else see Austin Pendleton (Max from The Muppet Movie) as the Victim/Perp/Victim on Tuesday's 100th Episode ofLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit? Just thought it was weird, almost called the kids into the room when I saw he was on - glad I...
  6. uncleduke

    Series 6 Arrives: When and Where

    Just got the good word - The ship with my cases on it will be docking in LA Harbor on Friday. Barring any problems with Customs, they should be processed through, and delivered to our warehouse by the 14th! We still have a sets and individual figures available at if you...
  7. uncleduke

    Series 5 Now Available

    Series 5 Now Available - Howdy Y'all - Just wanted to report Series 5 is here! All of our pre-orders have been filled, and we have a few sets left Series 5! We also have individual figures of Gonzo and the Muppet Newsman available now - We already have confirmed re-orders coming in...
  8. uncleduke

    The Most Fabulous (Muppet) Object In The World

    If anyone is stuck on a Christmas idea for a Muppet Collector, FAO Swartz is offering these...
  9. uncleduke

    Mini Muppets Arrive: When and Where

    These are finally showing up - we got ours in Wedensday, and I knew they'd be great, but they are even nicer than I expected. The Miss Piggy is about the same size as the Series 2 Animal! Anyway, we are in Phoenix AZ and got them here, so if you want these (and you know you do) start...
  10. uncleduke

    Muppet Minis In Stock - Ready To Ship!

    Howdy all!! Just wanted you to know, that the Muppet Minis have arrived!! we are processing all the pre-orders, and will still have sets available - if you'd like them, head on over to my website: or use these links directly for Set One (Piggy, Gonzo, The Snoths)...
  11. uncleduke

    Series Three Busts Arriving Soon!

    Hey, Just got home to a fax from Sideshow toys that my shop's order of busts are sceduled for delivery next week, they left the warehouse in Ca today, and should be here on Monday, I can't wait! Anyone who needs any or all of them, drop me a line!
  12. uncleduke

    Cheap(ish) Disney Muppet T-Shirts

    Click Here, Kids Disneyland is selling a TON of their Muppetvision 3-D sweatshirts and T-Shirts on ebay for about 1/2 the theme park price!
  13. uncleduke

    Muppety Capitalism: Muppet Monopoly coming soon

    Muppety Capitalism Don't know if this has leaked already or not, I have known about it since Toyfair, but was keeping my mouth shut..... Just clisk the Kermie :) Now the cat (or frog) is out of the bag, so to speak.
  14. uncleduke

    ZACH - And Others Look For Cheap Cars

    I was at Target this afternoon, and saw the 1:24th scale Muppet Nascars (the big ones - not the Hot Wheels sized ones) They were on clearance for $4.44!! -- Saw The Rowlf, Gonzo and Animal Worth a Look If anyone need's 'em
  15. uncleduke

    Palisades Subscription Service

    I was discussing with Travis (at Palisades) the fact that many of you have been having difficulties locating some (or all) of the Palisades Muppet figures.... I am willing to provide them for you. I have a direct account with Palisades, and get the figures by the case. Here is the price...
  16. uncleduke

    The Mall Is Busting With Muppety Goodness!

    I know there are several Hot Topic threads out there, but I was at the mall yesterday and they had a sign up, promoting a new, exclusive SESAME STREET license, featuring the SS logo, Cookie Monster, Oscar and The Count! Products included: T Shirts, Wristbands, Braceletts, Patches, Buttons :)...
  17. uncleduke

    Palisades Mini Lunchbox - Cheap

    If anyone is still looking for one of these - (no Kermit inside) It is for a good cause, and comes with lots of other cool swag....... Check It Out
  18. uncleduke

    Weekend Swag Run?

    This is a holdover thread, for the Palisades Bretheren.... It was originally started by Residentlilly, to allow folks to share their Muppety finds not neccesa-ruly Palisades related. I'll go first, I went to a shop in my neighborhood called Cartoon Corner they had some very cool Muppet...
  19. uncleduke

    Is This Guy Deranged?

    I knew ebay sellers were a tad unrealistic when it comes to the value of their goods, but this one seemed pretty wild to me, any ideas?
  20. uncleduke

    Tower DVD Sale

    I went to my local Tower Records (Tatum and Loop 101 if you be in Phoenix) and they had a bin of Tri-Star movies on DVD for $6.99 each. I snagged Branagh's FRANKENSTEIN as well as THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER. They had a bunch of others, including MUPPETS FROM SPACE, but I didn't need that. Good luck.