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  1. TSSD

    A Muppet Fandom Documentary

    Unfortunately, due to a lack of response to my call for help, as well as a lack if time to make the project, I gave up on the project. Thanks, though.
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    Pre-Order: "The Muppets" on Blu-ray and DVD coming March 20

    So you can have NEW movies on Blu Ray, at least, or even one or two blu ray re-releases you really want. It's not like there's no reason to buy one if you don't buy every rerelease out there.
  3. TSSD

    Pre-Order: "The Muppets" on Blu-ray and DVD coming March 20

    Or you could use it to both watch old DVDs, as well as new Blu Rays. I don't see why you'd need to re buy movies just to have them on blu ray.
  4. TSSD

    Pre-Order: "The Muppets" on Blu-ray and DVD coming March 20

    I'm pretty disappointed there's no Bluray/DVD/Digital Copy version without the Soundtrack, considering I already have it. :grr:
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    Muppet Interactive Game on Disney Fantasy cruise ship

    This is great! I though the Fantasy would just be reusing the same game from the Dream, and the fact that the are, and that it's featuring The Muppets is GREAT! This just goes to show how much faith Disney has in them, and makes me look forward to seeing how Disney will be using them next! If...
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    Your Thoughts: Jason Segel and The Muppets on Saturday Night Live November 19

    Kermit's on a Weekend Update segment. "Really?! With Seth and Kermit" And it is FREAKING GREAT!
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    The 'What Do You Do For A Living/What Do You Study' Thread

    Really? Maybe 9th graders, but I normally find that by high school kids have matured a little more, and the just plain meanness isn't half as bad.
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    New App: Tap Tap Muppets

    New Muppet App alert! Tap Tap Muppets, a Tap Tap Revenge app with Muppet songs! So far it only has Life's a Happy Song, Me Party, and Let's Talk About Me from The Muppets soundtrack, and The Muppet Show Theme, Movin' Right Along, and Night Life from The Green Album. Pretty disappointing...
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    Your Thoughts: The Muppets Original Soundtrack

    Once?! If you only posted each question once, we'd be fine with it!
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    Your Thoughts: The Muppets Original Soundtrack

    I've caught all of them so far besides the Life's a Happy Song Finale, and I LOVE them all, except for Me Party. It's okay, just... Because heaven forbid you just wait. Instead you need to repeat your question 100 times. Yeah, that makes sense.
  11. TSSD

    The possibility of other Muppet Stuff airing on the Hub

    I doubt Disney Channel will EVER air TMS. They're WAY too busy airing reruns of Hannah Montana and that crappy show about those dancers. And if they ever make a new version of TMS, and put it on Disney Channel, people will go ballistic.
  12. TSSD

    Is anybody else just sick of Ice Age?

    The first one was okay, but I just ignored it after the second one. You guys are 100% right, they are trying to make it their Shrek. IMO, they're failing though. I have rarely heard anyone mention Ice Age, ever. Not to mention, it's been years since the first one was released (I remember...
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    Muppets on DWTS November 15

    More info on the appearance from Stitch Kingdom:
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    Dad hears a "racial slur" on Fraggle Rock

    This: is the only intelligent part of that article.
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    Your Favorite TV Show: The Movie

    I think it's been said that a Mickey/Donald/Goofy theatrical movie is in the works.
  16. TSSD

    The Muppets New trailer : Bollywood!

    I think it was originally released on Disney Studio Australia's Youtube page.
  17. TSSD

    MCC and MFS on Hub

    I really hate that the Muppet movie shown most often on the Hub is the worst one.
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    Your Thoughts: The Muppets Original Soundtrack

    No, it's them singing it, but you hear someone else instead. Confusing? Exactly.
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    Muppets cast and crew interviews

    Here's the link to the original videos.