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    The "What Are You Eating Right Now?" Thread

    Hey everyone! Thought we could use a thread related to food, so without further ado, what are you eating right now (if it applies ;) ) :insatiable: :hungry: ? I'm eating some nice beef stew with kidney beans and rice.
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    Making a Head from Sheet Foam

    Hey all, I've been searching about on how precisely to make a head from sheet foam and I don't know how you would go about doing it, especially if the head is spherical in shape. I have thrown ideas around with paper casts first, but am confused as to how you can produce a sphere from...
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    So Bad They're Good: Cult Films

    Hey all! Well, I was reading in one of the numerous Meet the Feebles topics in the puppetry section, and, being a cult film itself, gave rise to this question: What other cult films do you like/know of/ can't stand/ don't care about? ;) It kind of just seemed we needed a thread on these, since...
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    Hello, Well, I saw the heartwarming remembrance thread for Amy and I just remembered that today is the one year anniversary of Rosewood's passing ( 1/15/06) , so I felt it necessary to make this remembrance thread for Rosewood as well. Rosewood was a very sweet, loving person who...
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    Bugdom, anyone?

    Hey guys, Anyone here ever hear of or play the Mac/Windows game "Bugdom" before? It's a pretty cool game; you gotta be this bug and navigate through this 'bugdom' and kill ants and insects and defeat some freaky looking ant 'king'. It had pretty good graphics for it's time. Nick
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    Happy Birthday MeepBorkMeep!

    Have a happy birthday today dude! :)
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    Happy Birthday Bill Bubble Guy!

    Have a happy birthday dude! :cool: :)
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    PBS Show: Sherlock Holmes and Geometry..?

    I remember when I was really little they used to show this one show that would teach algebra but mostly geometry and they would re-enact the books with Sherlock Holmes as I think a Triangle and Watson a circle..? Does anyone know the title of the show and remember this? Just curious...
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    Classic clips on P2P

    What are some of the clips that people have found on the networks? Just curious.. Nick
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    WORM ALERT: Vicious Worm/Trojan for MAC users on the loose, first ever..

    Hey Fellow Maccys, There's a Macintosh ( yes you heard me, Macintosh) virus, first ever. I'm scanning and updating my Mac Virus protection now... Details here:
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    Feelin' Better

    Hi dudes! As many of you know, my friend was killed in a car accident a few days ago. I talked it over with myself and said that he has gone to a better place than this Earth. So I stopped crying and sobbing because I knew that wouldn't bring him back. I am, of course, still sad but I wont let...
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    At a serious lack of words. One of my good friend......just died. In a car accident...I am too shocked to cry........:eek: :cry: :cry: I dont believe...this... Gah. Mmg. Nick
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    New welcome messages

    I was logged out and I saw this: Where'd that come from? Just curious about it...
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    WORM ALERT: Vicious Virus for Windows on the loose, be careful.. Very malicious worm--they're worse then viruses by a lot! I saw it here and wanted to inform you guys. Even though I'm a Mac guy, I still am careful, you never know... Nicko
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    Anyone know about "Skidamarink TV"?

    Here's another show I used to watch years ago: Does anyone remember this show with Sharon Lois and Bram? And that creepy blue cat? LOL Just curious... Nick
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    "The Weird Al Show" coming to DVD!

    For all you Al fans out there, his short-lived 13 ep show is coming to DVD! I'll be picking this up when it comes out for sure..
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    iTunes virus: "You're a stone fox" playlist?

    Hi guys, I opened my iTunes today and I had a strange blue file ( looks like this) and it connects to some server and comes up with bad songs. Is this a virus and does anyone else have this? It apparently has strucken on my friends Windows computer too. Concerned, Nick :concern:
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    Who is 'Muppet Labs'?

    I was looking at an old post and I saw a reply from a member who is called 'Muppet Labs' but you cant see his profile and his post count thing says n/a. Whats up with that? Just curious...
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    Happy Birthday redBoobergurl!

    Have a wonderful birthday! :zany: :D
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    Goof Troop & Quack Pack Comin To DVD!

    TVShowsOnDVD says Disney's Goof Troop & Quack Pack are coming to DVD in February. Just a heads up...