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  1. Jeffrey Gray

    Looking for rare Rocko's Modern Life episodes

    Hello, I am looking for rare/banned/edited episodes of Rocko's Modern Life, that cannot be obtained from Nicktoons TV reruns. Specifically, I am looking for the uncut version of "The Good, The Bad, and the Wallaby" with the scenes with Heffer and the milking machine; the banned episode "Leap...
  2. Jeffrey Gray

    Cats Don't Dance

    Anybody seen this little-known musical animated feature from 1997? I taped it off Starz! a few days ago, and I watched it for the first time in 5 years. It's a great movie, better than all the other animated crap the 90s brought us... Anybody else seen it?
  3. Jeffrey Gray

    TMS theme in rap song!

    Hey, my brother has the De La Soul CD "Three Feet High and Rising," and recently, he was listening to the "Double Huey Skit" track, and I heard him humming a familiar melody...then I put the headphones on, and sure enough, the song they sampled to provide the background music was The Muppet...
  4. Jeffrey Gray

    Is Boober a nudist? :-)

    On Warrick's FR site, there is a picture of some "naked" Fraggle puppets of Gobo, Red, Wembley, and Boober. However, seeing what the others look like without clothes makes me realize something: Boober is nude on the show! (Well, except for his hat...) And I wonder...could Boober possibly be a...
  5. Jeffrey Gray

    J-train cartoon: featuring Daws Butler?

    Hi, One cartoon I remember from Sesame Street is the "J-train" cartoon with the J locomotive attaching to other cars to make words (it appears in such Unpaved episodes as #1364 and #2257). Now, the voiceover sounds familiar...and I have wondered, does anybody know if the voiceover ("Hey...
  6. Jeffrey Gray

    Any fans of You Can't Do That on Television here?

    Hi, I recently rediscovered the classic 80s kids' sketch comedy, You Can't Do That on Television (which used to be on Nickelodeon long, long ago), and I was wondering...are there any fans of it here? Come on, somebody here besides me has to have laughed when someone got slimed after saying "I...
  7. Jeffrey Gray

    Museum of TV and Radio: Return Trip

    Well, I had to go down south for something, and so spent one day at the Museum of Television and Radio. Here's what I saw: -Wheel of Fortune (a 1976 episode, with Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford) This was a championship semi-finals episode (meaning some of the best players were on), but I...
  8. Jeffrey Gray

    Everyone loves the Homestar Runner!

    Hey, I just discovered a really cool webtoon site, Homestar Runner. It's at Has anyone heard of it? Anyway, anyone who wants to see this really funny site, go there ASAP!
  9. Jeffrey Gray

    Muppet Valentine Show: Did they really sing "How Much is that Doggie in the Window"?

    Here's something that puzzles me. Reading the guide to The Muppet Valentine Show, I noticed this: "Mia and Rufus then sing "How much is that Doggy in the window". [This song has been edited out of this special when it has re-aired on television. In February 1993 when the pilot was shown on...
  10. Jeffrey Gray


    I taped the SS Unpaved episode with Fur, and you must have a faulty memory; the version on this episode is the same one that is on Monster Hits. You must have imagined the fourth monster in the background, and the color on your TV could have been messed up, because Maurice had a green nose, as...
  11. Jeffrey Gray

    Mikealan / ssetta / anyone with access to Noggin...

    Do any of you have the 1975-76 season premiere of Sesame Street on tape? It aired on Unpaved, and I am sure it featured "Fur", since it is the only SSU episode with a 1975 copyright. I am very sure this is the episode furryfella wants...and the episode that aired last night was the SSU episode...
  12. Jeffrey Gray

    Wanted: Uncut Fraggle Rock episodes

    Hi...I am looking for all 96 (or as many as possible) uncut Fraggle Rock episodes, in good quality + NTSC...can anyone help me? I am especially looking for the ones that are NOT available on video...if anyone can help me, e-mail me at
  13. Jeffrey Gray

    Looking for MP3 of "sad flower" music...

    I am looking for an MP3 of the "sad/crying flower" live-action segment in, an MP3 made directly from a tape of the segment...can anyone help me?
  14. Jeffrey Gray

    TMS jugband song about barbecue/dinner?

    Here is something that's been baffling me: I've heard a song on MC Radio by one of the jug bands from TMS...the lyrics involved something about "bacon" or "beans," and either the title or the lyrics contained "barbecue" or "dinner" is not "Barbecue," from Emmet Otter's Jug-Band...
  15. Jeffrey Gray

    Wanna see something creepy? Leonard Nimoy (yes, Leonard Nimoy!) sings "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins." It's CREEPY. Watch it, and you too will be wondering "Just what were they smoking back then?"
  16. Jeffrey Gray

    Looking for MP3 of "All Around the World" (aka "Around the Universe")

    Hey...does anybody have a high-quality MP3 of "All Around the World" (aka "Around the Universe") from Fraggle Rock? Both Boober_Gorg and I are looking for a good MP3 of this song...can anyone help us?
  17. Jeffrey Gray

    Muppet movie with the best music overall?

    What Muppet movie do you think has the best music overall (as in, score and songs). IMO, it's The Great Muppet Caper. It has a bunch of great songs, and a great instrumental score as well. I love "The Big Red Bus" and various other sections. What does everyone else think? What Muppet movie...
  18. Jeffrey Gray

    Yet another MP3 request...

    Well, I am looking for the ending credits themes to TMM and TGMC. The TMM closing credits music is not on the soundtrack, and the TGMC closing credits music is altered on its soundtrack (removing the instrumental of "The First Time It Happens" and replacing it with a reprise). Does anybody have...
  19. Jeffrey Gray

    Wanted: Muppets Take Manhattan "Manhattan Melodies"/closing credits suite

    One thing about the ending of TMTM is that the entire "Manhattan Melodies" + Closing Credits suite blends in together, from the beginning of "Right Where I Belong" to the end of the closing credits...does anybody have an MP3 of this, uninterrupted, from the album (not the film itself)?
  20. Jeffrey Gray

    Calling all Canucks: CBC may rerun an episode of Fraggle Rock on October 4!

    As part of CBC's 50th anniversary celebration, they held an online poll to decide what program of each genre they should air to represent the best of the CBC's programs. One of the choices for children's programs was the Fraggle Rock episode, "The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles." They will...