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  1. Gentle Giant

    Tonight on HBO Family: FRAN BRILL

    Tonight on HBO Family Fran Brill makes her debut as a non muppet in the classic movie What About Bob. She plays Richard Dryfuss's sister Lilly. : :)
  2. Gentle Giant

    Any WWE FANS?

    I am wondering if there are any WWE wrestling fans out there in Muppet Central. If there are any, let me know.:cool:
  3. Gentle Giant

    Muppet Christmas DVDs

    Yesterday I was in FYE and I saw Muppet Family Christmas on DVD. I was wondering When and if Bear in the big blue house and John Denver and The Muppets: A Christmas Together are coming out on DVD.:cool:
  4. Gentle Giant

    Muppet top 10 list

    I'm going to be doing a top 10 list of everyone's favorite Muppet show Muppet from The Muppet Show. I would like to know who would be on your list from numbers 10 to 1. Then the most popular ones will be posted in the Fun Muppet Fanzine when we publish it online for all of you to see. :cool: :)
  5. Gentle Giant

    Muppet Calendar

    Where can I download a Muppet online Calendar:cool:
  6. Gentle Giant

    more about Kevin Clash

    I found an address for Kevin Clash and am thinking about conducting an interview for an online magazine about the muppets I am making with skeeter muppet and some other people from here. The next thing I need to know is what questions would you like to ask him:)
  7. Gentle Giant

    Questions for Kevin Clash

    I was wondering about something. If you could Ask Kevin Clash any questions. What would you ask him. :)
  8. Gentle Giant

    Muppet Movie MP3s

    Where on the web, can I find mp3s of songs from Muppet Movies?:confused:
  9. Gentle Giant

    Favorite Frank Oz muppets

    who are your favorites by Frank Oz?:)
  10. Gentle Giant

    my Rowlf PVC

    i was talking to a friend yesterday and I remembered having a pvc figure of Rowlf wearing yellow pants, a blue shirt, and a red varsity sweater with an M on it and holding a football. I couldn't find it at first but then I did. When I did I was curious about something so I checked the bottom of...
  11. Gentle Giant

    I emailed Palisades

    I emailed Palisades yesterday and asked about two specific muppets. They are Animal and Sweetums. Toni Equi who works for them emailed me back saying that Animal will be out in the fall and as for the monsters, it's hard to say but he would like to see them made.:)
  12. Gentle Giant

    I am surprised

    I am shocked that Henson didn't sue The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) over the use of Fozzie's name. The WWE has a band named Fozzie:)
  13. Gentle Giant

    My Muppet Show idea

    We should all email or go to and suggest that they air The Muppet Show and Muppets tonight again. I am tired of seeing Boy meets World.:)
  14. Gentle Giant

    no big monsters

    How Come Sweetums and Timothy and the other big monster were in most of the Muppet movies except TMTM. I was expecting Sweetums at least. But no. I wish he was in it. :(
  15. Gentle Giant


    Is there any place on the web where I can find a picture of Timothy Monster as well as others?:)
  16. Gentle Giant

    Dog Lion

    Who played Dog Lion? and wasn't Jim Henson the original cookie monster
  17. Gentle Giant

    Favorite Muppet Show Monster

    Who is your favorite Monster on the Muppet show. I have 4. Mine are Sweetums, Thog, Timothy, and doglion.
  18. Gentle Giant

    My Muppet Yahoo Group

    I decided to make a Muppets Yahoo Group tonight. It is called The Fabulous Muppets- Those Fabulous Muppets. I even have a co moderator too. He is Cantus Rock. He helped me find Muppet Icons for my AOL instant messenger also. So Please come join in the fun. Sweetums and Robin are the group...
  19. Gentle Giant

    Book Of Pooh and Flintstones

    I think Henson Productions did a great job on Disney Channel's The Book of Pooh and on Dino in The Real life movie of The Flintsones:)
  20. Gentle Giant


    Was the trumpeter in the Electric Mayhem's name Lipps? If so, who played him?