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  1. practicecactus

    Moving Eyes Mechanism work in progress

    Thought I'd link this here because you can still kinda see things working, at this stage, before I add the eyeblink, which will obscure some things from view. See it here on my Puppethub. I really wanted to add an eyebrow movement, but making this as small and tight as possible, I didn't leave...
  2. practicecactus

    Movement controls; Opposite or true direction?

    I guess this is more for people who have movement controls or animatronics experience, but I'm making an eye movement mechanism and I can't decide whether to make the joystick control the actual direction the eyes are moving, or make it the opposite. I'm leaning towards 'opposite' now...
  3. practicecactus

    Anyone know who made the Lil Penny puppet?

    To jog people's memories, or for those too young to remember, Lil Penny was a little puppet version of Basketball player Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway who starred along side him for a series of Nike ads, and it was a little rod puppet, voiced by Chris Rock. Can't find anything on who made it and...
  4. practicecactus

    How do you attach 'Elmo style' eyes?

    Specifically for something like Elmo, who has fur and buldgey-full eyeballs on the head. I've never really done one like that before and am considering how to secure them on. I'm thinking of having a small opening in the bottom of the eye, filling the eyeball with a foam piece, cutting a small...
  5. practicecactus

    Anyone used papercraft programs for patterning?

    I'm talking about the type of computer programs people use to make 3D paper models, papercraft, where people convert a 3D computer model to be flattened out and can be printed out, cut out, and folded into a papercraft model. Replica prop makers often use them as a guide with their fibreglass...
  6. practicecactus

    My new Cat puppet

    Hey people, I just finished my cat puppet and thought I'd share. Thinking of naming him Jimmy Boots, but not sure what kind of voice/character he should have. His character was going to be whiney junkie, back alley no good, but now he came out...
  7. practicecactus

    My New Monster Puppet

    This is a revised version of my Gerald puppet because I know a lot more about puppet making now and it was getting pretty cringe worthy in hindsight, what with it being my second puppet and all, four years ago. The fur was deteriorating too. So I updated him. Revised eyeblink mech and just...
  8. practicecactus

    Carrol Spinney Article. Puppetry goodness.

    I found this article on Carrol Spinney and it has some great behind the scenes info I found pretty interesting. This stuff is probly covered in his book, but I haven't read it yet. Found here, I thought I'd just paste the whole article here just in case the article dissapears someday. He's...
  9. practicecactus

    Architecture In Helsinki music video

    ..Features puppetry. I hadn't seen it till everyone started talking about it on the net, and I'm always up for some Bandwagon riding. Looks really good toward the end when the Blacklighting kicks in. Especially the Witch Doctor-bones- lookin one.
  10. practicecactus

    Strange Dancing Pig-costume puppet-video. I just don't know what to make of this and thought I'd share with you puppeteer folk. It says '1907' in the video description. I translated it from Italian to english, with one of them translators, and it says; French Cortometraggio of 1907...
  11. practicecactus

    Deathcab For Cutie's Video Clip-Crooked Teath I just saw Deathcab For Cutie's Video Clip for 'Crooked Teath' and really dug it. Great mix of Puppetry, Animation and even a little bit of live action, And works really well with the Lyrics. All things I like to see done in a music video.
  12. practicecactus

    Realised something about Kermit

    I was thinking about how you operate a puppet and realised something about Kermit. For some reason it hit me like a ton of bricks..Whenever I saw footage of Jim Henson holding his hand up in place of a puppet, he had his fingers curved, in a relaxed way.Not flat out like 'The Duck' ya tend to...
  13. practicecactus

    Thinking about making a costume puppet

    So lately I've had a hankering to make something , and having always wanted to make a big costume puppet, I've started designing it up. I know you're probly thinking "That's what they all say.." I've seen the Fur suit tutorials and it seems pretty straight forward there, and I just wanna put...
  14. practicecactus

    I have an idea.

    I generally don't come here much anymore cause it's made me a little jaded and synical. When a newbie shows up with that same question you guys are probly sick of hearing, he or she is pointed to the search function. And instead of giving out , what some think to be some big secret, a vague...
  15. practicecactus

    I made a puppet

    I had this guys head done a while ago, but never got round to finishing the rest of him, so I did. With this being My second puppet making attempt, I again learnt a lot of things as I went. he still needs some finishing touches, like a haircut (especially around his hands) but for now I can...
  16. practicecactus

    My blinking puppet

    This is the second puppet I've made (the first being the happy chappy you see in my avatar) and decided to make his eyes blink. Haven't made the body yet, but I just wanted to post him here anyway. The blinking mechanism works beautifully, don't have to move any fingers around , works great ...
  17. practicecactus

    Muppets wearing Arnettes

    wasn't quite sure where to ask this,but this seems as good a place as any.. Can Anyone help me out? I'm looking for a photo that was used in an Arnette sunglasses print ad, featuring Ernie and Big Bird wearing arnette sunglasses. It's a black & white photo and I remember Big Bird wearing...