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  1. BarkingSprocket

    New Muppet Series screened in UK

    About a year or so ago I read somewhere that there was going to be a NEW Muppet show to be screened in the UK. What happened :confused: Simon.
  2. BarkingSprocket

    Irn Bru

    Over here in the UK Irn Bru have got the old Mahna Mahna song working for them (well actually its the Phenomenal) you can watch and download the two Ads by going to and clicking on the P (at the bottom of the page) once the flash site loads then select Adverts to view...
  3. BarkingSprocket

    Mahna Mahna

    For anybody who doesn't know the significance of Mnah Mnah then go to this site The reason why I have decided to create a thread on this is because in the UK the BBC are doing loads of shows to help raise money for Red Nose Day in one such show called "Comic Relief In Da Bungalow" they have...
  4. BarkingSprocket

    The Secret Life Of Toys

    Hi I have been looking at old 80s and 90s Kids Shows and I found one which I completely forgot. It was called "The Secret Life Of Toys" Can't remember too much about it only that in it there was an old Bear called Balthazar who wore a red checked waist coat and had a monocle in his eye and a...
  5. BarkingSprocket

    Why Just Elmo on Channel 4

    Why Just Elmo Sesame I have been meaning to ask this for a long time. I saw Sesame Street about 6months or so ago. Its all changed what has happened to the Street all there was Elmo and a goldfish bowl. When did they stop the street? And do any of the old Characters (Telly, Big Bird, Bert...