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  1. Jivepuppet

    Kickstart a Puppet Filled Flick!

    The crew at Elmwood Productions and I are working on our next feature film... The tale of two men, one wheelchair, and the strange and beautiful world we all live in... Hoping some of my fellow Muppetheads want o help make it happen! Check it out here...
  2. Jivepuppet

    The Elmwood Channel!

    I haven't been here on Muppet Central for a while! At least logged in! Been super busy with my company, Elmwood Productions! Wanted to send all of ya here a couple invites! First to check out "The Elmwood Channel" on Vimeo/VHX! It's a site to rent/download our flicks! Including "Animal...
  3. Jivepuppet

    Josh and Todd - On You Tube!

    Hello Muppet-heads! I made a feature length film back in 2008 with my crew at Elmwood Productions and we;'ve posted it to YouTube for free in honor of Valentine's Day! It's a bro-mantic comedy called "Josh and Todd: The Story of A Man and His Puppet"! We're doing this as a thank you to everyone...
  4. Jivepuppet

    Kickstart a Puppet Movie! I have a Kickstarter (link above) for Elmwood Productions new movie - A horror film starring all puppets! It's called "HEAD" and it's in the tradition of the 1970's early 1980's horror flicks…. And yes, it stars...
  5. Jivepuppet

    Puppets and Horror = Movie!

    Elmwood Productions is making our second feature film! An all puppet horror flick! - If you're interested check out and
  6. Jivepuppet

    Elmwood Puppets on YouTube!

    Have you subscribed yet? :)
  7. Jivepuppet

    Big Ol' Kermit!

    I have just posted a Kermit doll from Applause from the 1990's on Etsy... Cleaning out the studio! Here's the link Hope all my MuppetHead friends are having a great day!
  8. Jivepuppet

    Puppets on Etsy!

    I'm cleaning up and clearing out the studio and storage for a new project and putting stuf fon Etsy and Ebay... Here's the Elmwood Puppets Etsy page...
  9. Jivepuppet

    Jim Henson Figure On Ebay!

    I'm cleaning up the Elmwood Puppets studio to make room for a project, and cleaning out our storage too and putting stuf fon Ebay and Etsy... And I've got a Jim Henson still in box...
  10. Jivepuppet

    "Josh and Todd: The Story of a Man and His Puppet" in Central Connectict

    The Elmwood Productions film "Josh and Todd: The Story of a Man and His Puppet" is having an encore performance at Paris In Plantsville Gallery and Studio in Central Connecticut this April! If you missed it in February now's another chance to check it out! We had a great turn out for the...
  11. Jivepuppet

    Movie Screening!

    Hey there fellow Muppetheads! The Muppets aren't the only puppets with a new movie in 2011! A movie I built the puppets, performed in and co-worte/co-directed is having it's first public screening Feb. 19, 2011! In Connecticut, at an art gallery called Paris In Plantsville. The movie is...
  12. Jivepuppet

    Kermit Stuff and The Jim Henson figure for sale!

    :) I was thinking of putting all this on Ebay bet thought it would be better to offer it all to Muppetheads at Muppet Central first! Doing some cleaning and prepping for a move and realized some of this has been packed up for so long that maybe someone else wil enjoy it all better...
  13. Jivepuppet

    Puppet Film Screening in Connecticut!

    On September 4th 2010 at 8 PM the Paris in Plantsville Gallery and Studio is hosting a night of short films from The Elmwood Puppets! Elmwood's Jon Bristol will be showing films featuring his many crazy characters in off-beat yet always fun plots that include vampires, brains, and lots of...
  14. Jivepuppet

    Spankin' New Website!

    HELLO! The Elmwood Puppets have got a new site and I'm here to "pimp" it to ya! Check it out and let me know what you thing my fellow Muppet-heads! And then join Elmwood's Facebook page too...
  15. Jivepuppet

    Johnnie Sojive wants you to be his friend...

    ... On Facebook Elmwood Puppets' own poet and madman now has a Facebook page... Like him and he might invite you to go "Drinkin' and Stinkin'" with him... Yes, Johnnie's a PG-13 kinda guy... Thanks for checking him out! He'd hit me if I didn't post his page! Hahaha!
  16. Jivepuppet

    Muppet Trading Cards (1993) and Sesame St Cards (1992) Complete

    I have both the 1993 Muppet Trading Cards by Cardz and the 1992 Sesame Street Trading Card by Idolmaker in complete sets that I'm looking to sell/trade. Both sets include a wrapper also for the series and are in acrylic card cases. The Sesame St. set is 102 cards, and the Muppet set is 60...
  17. Jivepuppet


    Every year there's a huge 'geek" convention in CT called ConnectiCon... This year Johnnie Sojive went... He had a blast, check out the pics! :D
  18. Jivepuppet

    Steve the Vampire Returns!

    He's back! An all new Steve the Vampire short is online now! Check it out and let us know what ya think! Watch HERE! Thanks and enjoy!
  19. Jivepuppet

    Rizzo The Rat Backpack

    I have a Rizzo The Rat :shifty: Backpack that I got at MuppetVision in 2001 that I'm looking to sell. Original retail was $30.00. It was used once or twice and is in near-mint condition. non-smiking home. He's been hanging in my closet for 8 years and figure he deserves a better home...
  20. Jivepuppet

    Elmwood Puppets Film Screening!

    This weekend in Connecticut is ConnectiCon, an huge genre convention! And Elmwood Productions will be screening the first three episides of "Steve The Vampire" along with a few other suprises! Try and come out to the screenings! Steve and his mom will be there too! The times are Saturday 8/1...