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  1. FlyingMonkey

    MIB Palisades 'Wedding Set' for sale

    I've got a MIB Muppets Wedding Set that I'd like to sell. I'd rather sell it here than on the 'bay, considering that most people who would bid on it post here anyway PM or email me with an offer if you are seriously interested. I can email post pics if needed. Thanks!
  2. FlyingMonkey

    Adventure Kermit & Swedish Chef prototypes on the 'Bay... just a few hours left!

    Both of these items are factory test shot prototypes. Check out the pics and let me know if you have any questions!!
  3. FlyingMonkey

    Need a Red Floyd!

    I need a Red Floyd to finish off my MOC Series 2. Anyone out there have one for sale/trade? I've got a couple extra ToyFare Fozzie's available as well as other WOS, MOTU and SW stuff. Reply here or email me at
  4. FlyingMonkey

    'Customizing' Gonzo's Cannon

    Forgive me if this has been asked before.... Has anyone in the US attempted to 'customize' the spring in Gonzo's cannon. I'm lookin' for a little more firepower :) Any ideas on how to do this?
  5. FlyingMonkey

    Will trade Holiday Kermit for WW Dr. Teeth

    Email me at if you are interested
  6. FlyingMonkey

    Anyone win a Holiday Kermit...

    ... from the Palisades Collector's Club lottery. Well???
  7. FlyingMonkey

    Looking for Bear 9/11 Special

    Anyone have this on tape? I would be quite willing to pay for the cost of the tape + shipping. Reply here or via email. Thanks!
  8. FlyingMonkey

    Kermit Swamp Years Tape

    Kermit Swamp Years Did anyone out there happen to tape "Kermit Swamp Years" last night? I wasn't able to watch this due to being cable-challenged :) Would some kind person out there be willing to ship a copy out to the Northwest for me? email me at Thanks!
  9. FlyingMonkey


    Hey all, I know this is a bit of a stretch, but I'm looking for an extra Beaker Muppet Labs figure. I don't want the Labs playset, just the Beaker figure. Anyone out there have an extra Beaker they would be willing to sell/trade? My 2 year old daughter fell in love with mine, but she...