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    Crazy Orange Monster

    Hey Sam, if you can't find the info on fur you're searching for here I'm 99% certain you'll find something on it over at Puppets and Stuff; a vibrant and active community of puppet makers/performers. If you're not on there already you owe it to yourself to check it out...
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    Puppet Sale!

    Hey everyone! Just a heads up that I'm having a May Monster Sale! The monster puppets in my Etsy shop are 25% for a limited time (sale ends May 29) so check'em out! Spring is the perfect time to bring a new monster into your home!
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    Puppeteer's Resources Links

    Wow! I've never had foam actually melt. I agree you do need to be careful though. I always wear cloth gloves and use a heat gun set to "cool" to quickly cool the seams as I go. Makes the process much faster. And since I've started wearing the gloves I don't get burned fingers anymore!
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    New pirate puppet for sale!

    Hey gang I mentioned in my last thread that I was working on a pirate puppet and he has been completed! You can check him out in my Etsy shop by clicking this link. Hope you like him! He was a blast to build. My next...
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    How to price your puppets

    The professor to the rescue! Personally I don't think you sound jaded or jerkish. You do however sound experienced, knowledgeable and professional. Though I have a fair amount of professional sales and business experience my experience with selling something like puppets and building a business...
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    How to start making puppets?

    Yeah I think you're best starting with a basic under $100 machine. That should do just fine for getting you through the beginning stuff. Something simple like this would...
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    How to price your puppets

    Well I'm going to go ahead and complicate the issue a bit. I don't think you should base your puppet builds on a "per hour" basis. Here's why. There's just so much it doesn't take into account. How much training and practice did it take you to learn all of those skills you're applying? And how...
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    How to start making puppets?

    I guess pricing is relative but to me the patterns at Project Puppet are a bargain! You're getting so much more than just a pattern. There is a lot of instruction in there that is quite valuable to a person just starting out in building puppets. As I said earlier I own EVERY pattern they make...
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    My little Etsy Shop...not of horrors, just puppets.

    Hello all my Muppet Central pals! In all the craziness that is my daily life I somehow managed to launch my Etsy shop in January and COMPLETELY forget to share it with all of you here! Truly a crime as THIS is the forum that was so instrumental in my first steps towards opening my shop. I...
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    Up In Arms Helping Drew launch and facebook

    Wow David great work! You should be proud of all you created and accomplished!
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    Life-Size George Harrison Marionette

    Thanks for the notice! I don't think I ever got to your Facebook page before. Now I've "Liked" the new one. Always great to keep up with your amazing work!
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    How to start making puppets?

    Awesome! Love the sketches! I'm sure you're going to have a blast and turn out some really cool stuff. Let me know if you get going over at Puppets and Stuff. You'll find me as Puppetainer there too.
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    How to start making puppets?

    I own every pattern they make except the Mostro so I can vouch for the quality of their product. Very well done and extremely helpful! Pasha is passionate about puppetry and helping others to follow their passion. Once you have the basic pattern and begin learning some of the techniques you can...
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    How to start making puppets?

    My first suggestion is to head directly to Project Puppet and check out any of their Simple Series patterns. For as little as $19.95 you can get a terrifically useful pattern and some invaluable instruction on the techniques required when working with the required materials! I too spent MANY...
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    How to start making puppets?

    Go for it! Another great site to check out is Puppets and Stuff. Lot's of very knowledgeable people only too happy to share and help you along your journey. Best of luck as you embark on your adventure! Here's the link if you're interested.
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    Offensive newspaper jab at puppeteers

    I'm with Buck on this one. Not worth the energy to respond.
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    Star Trek Geek on eBay

    Have to say I LOVE the add on ears. Nice touch to another outstanding puppet!
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    We've come a long way!

    WOW! Hard to believe it's already been a year! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL!! You've really created something wonderful Chris and you should be proud! I can't wait until I can get there and see the Junction in person! And by the way the new set and production looks AWESOME!! Okay I think I'm...
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    With the talent on this board....WE SHOULD...

    This all sounds totally crazy. Which is why I love it!
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    Puppeteer's Resources Links

    I would agree with Gonzo's Hobbit. 1/2" polyfoam would do the trick nicely.