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  1. RedFraggleRocks

    Fraggle Air Date HBO Anniversary Jan. 10 1983

    Fraggle Rock Aired today Jan. 10 on HBO in the USA. In honor of this, here a photo from Dec. 1984 when I was 3 and a half. My brother Dave was 1 and a half. Note Wembley and Red on the high chair! I took Red everywhere and I still have all 5 Fraggle dolls. They were very loved. HAPPY 30TH...
  2. RedFraggleRocks

    Fraggle Fans in California?

    Hey just wondering if there were any Fraggle fans in California! I am on and there are no Muppet fan groups at all out here. There are plenty of other really fun ones though. I'd love to plan an epic food filled 30th anniversary party of epicness and just Fraggle-out with fans! We...
  3. RedFraggleRocks

    Wondercon 2012 Anaheim CA Fraggle and Muppet Costumes

    I attended Wondercon in Anaheim CA and thought I'd post the photos! The first link is a collage of my radish bag and hair poofies. I needed a bag to carry all my stuff in at the con. I have red hair so I made my orange and yellow puffs from stripped ostrich feathers that I wired together and...
  4. RedFraggleRocks

    Doc and Sprocket's Location-Mass? Maine?

    Hi everyone! I rewatched all the Fraggle episodes at 31 and it was so fun! I was wondering if anyone has seen or read where Doc and Sprocket are supposed to live if it's ever revealed in an interview by a cast member or writer? -I know he's really close to the beach with the Capatain's Inn...