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  1. davidmartiste

    Handsome Rooster Puppet

    This handsome rooster puppet is for sale. Approximately 20 inches tall. Long pile black and gray fur, permanent arm rods, beak and eye bags made of Antron fleece, wattle and comb in no-pill fleece, microsuede inner mouth lining. Small rubber grip on inner upper mouth plate - thumb tucks in lower...
  2. davidmartiste

    Muppet Movie Sing Along with Heather Henson, Hudson Valley, NY

    Sing Along with the Muppet Movie returns to the New York area with a screening at Sugar Loaf, NY at the Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center. This venue is easily accessible from Northern New Jersey, Rockland County, NY and the Mid Hudson Valley. This beautiful theatre seats over 600 and tickets...
  3. davidmartiste

    Practice Puppet Sale - send us to the fest!

    Buy a puppet and send Up In Arms to the regional puppet festival! The northeast regional puppet festival is the first weekend in September. This is a wonderful opportunity to continue educating puppeteers like myself who are beyond college years. Help send David and Emily of Up In Arms by...
  4. davidmartiste

    Puppet Raffle

    I'm premiering my new show Monster Intelligence in May with free shows in Orange County, NY. One of the venues that's hosting our show for a FREE performance to the public is a wonderful supporter of the arts in our area (Just Off Broadway, Inc.) and has really helped so many in our performance...
  5. davidmartiste

    Live Hand Monster Puppet reduced

    Up In Arms' original live-hand puppet for sale has been reduced to just $150! Help us raise money for continued production of our quality, educational and family shows. This is a very limited offer as I produce very few puppets for sale per year. Shipping included in U.S. Please contact for...
  6. davidmartiste

    Live Hand Monster Puppet

    Fun, simple, live-hand puppet for sale. I get the opportunity to make maybe 3 or 4 puppets for sale a year so, know that this is a very limited offer. Other puppets may be listed this holiday season but, there are no guarantees. This guy ships by December 3. $200. Shipping in U.S. Please contact...
  7. davidmartiste

    Needed: We Got Us Instrumental

    I am seeking an instrumental version (if it exits) of "We Got Us" for a kids theatrical academy that I will be doing some puppet instruction for in a couple weeks. If anyone has one I could use or know where I can find one, I would be most grateful. peace & puppets
  8. davidmartiste

    Shameless puppet t-shirt plug

    Hey gang. Up In Arms is rolling out our new logo with a new website to follow. We have presented our wonderful anti-bullying puppet musical Helping Drew to, literally, thousands of students. At the same time, I'm in the middle of producing our next offering Welcome Park for summer shows. If...
  9. davidmartiste

    blue monster discounted

    ....and, he's over on ebay now... HERE
  10. davidmartiste

    Blue friendly monster for sale

    Cute, blue professional-style puppet for sale. Fantastic for beginner or practice puppet. CLICK HERE.
  11. davidmartiste

    Russ Walko puppets on eBay

    Just saw a few Russ Walko puppets up for sale on ebay. Unfortunately, I just found them as they are all ending within the next 20 hours or less. Some are Russ, a couple Axtell in there - all at reasonable prices. Hope someone who can use them gets their hands on them...
  12. davidmartiste

    Three New Characters Created

    I've been a busy bee working with some friends on their theatre summer workshop for young performers and was asked to do a 2-hour workshop in puppet manipulation. Wanting to have enough puppets for the older students to use, I had to create two more puppets. Along with that, I attended a puppet...
  13. davidmartiste

    How [not] to do Avenue Q

    Long read ahead. Those interested in Avenue Q or producing their own Avenue Q might find this more interesting than others. Let me be clear that I debated over posting this for a long time. I don't like it when people are just being negative online. I've always wanted to contribute something...
  14. davidmartiste

    Puppet pattern sale

    Just wanted to give a plug to my good friend Pasha over at Project Puppet. They're having a 40% off sale through this Sunday, July 29. Project Puppet patterns are a fantastic way to get started in puppet building or to add to your repertoire of puppet shapes and sizes. Project Puppet got me...
  15. davidmartiste

    Fantastic find on etsy

    I had to mention this great find I stumbled across on etsy. Dallin Blankenship is just a fantastic builder. I was so impressed with his original characters - mixing inspiration of old with his own touches and style. The color and character choices are great and instantly likable. If I had a few...
  16. davidmartiste

    Up In Arms Helping Drew launch and facebook

    Hello MC puppet family. I'm too excited as I approach the launch of my anti-bullying puppet musical Helping Drew. We're 'launching' this weekend with a private showcase for our creative crew and starting booking for K-5 school assembly programs. A 5 minute audio sample is available on our...
  17. davidmartiste

    My puppet life ~ Fall 2011

    My latest blog post features a recent live-hand monster build with the ever useful Project Puppet Borsa pattern. The update includes lots of puppet happenings and the latest on my anti-bullying show FINALLY coming to fruition.
  18. davidmartiste

    My week of puppet

    I posted a new blog entry for those interested... a quick trip to NYC meeting Pasha from Project Puppet, PookaLooz at the Muppet Whatnot Workshop and a gala opening at the Museum of The Moving Image with Jim Henson's Fantastic World. Come join me over at Puppetmuse.
  19. davidmartiste

    New puppet show on bullying needs help

    I'm trying to reach as many people as quickly as possible to get the word out as I'm very passionate about this project. "Helping Drew" is an original puppet musical that deals with the subject of bullying. I'm producing this show and it will be available for K-5 elementary school assemblies by...
  20. davidmartiste

    A new puppet is born - Flo

    I'm finishing up the production on my first public show "Helping Drew". It's an anti-bullying puppet musical which will be available for K-5 elementary school assemblies. I was very excited with the final build of the school principal which was also my first venture into dyeing antron fleece...