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  1. TSSD

    New App: Tap Tap Muppets

    New Muppet App alert! Tap Tap Muppets, a Tap Tap Revenge app with Muppet songs! So far it only has Life's a Happy Song, Me Party, and Let's Talk About Me from The Muppets soundtrack, and The Muppet Show Theme, Movin' Right Along, and Night Life from The Green Album. Pretty disappointing...
  2. TSSD

    OK Go and The Muppets Music Video: The Muppet Show Theme

    Ladies and Gentlemuppets, presenting the single most EPIC music video you have ever seen in your lives.
  3. TSSD

    A Muppet Fandom Documentary

    Not really fan fiction as much as a fan project. What I would really like to do, is expand on an idea given by Vic Romano on the "When we go to see the movie" thread. I'd like to make a documentary about the muppet fandom and it's excitement around the new muppet movie. It would hopefully give...
  4. TSSD

    The Christmas Toy to air on The Hub in December

    I love The Hub way too much right now. Here's an excerpt from their holiday press release: I can't wait!
  5. TSSD

    Muppets Take Manhattan on the Hub 11/7

    I love the Hub! The Muppets Take Manhattan will be airing on The Hub on November 7th at 4:00!:D