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  1. Faylo

    New Fraggle Rock tees at

    Hey gang, I don't know if you guys already know but there's a bunch of new FR t shirts available at . They all look AWESOME, except for one complaint.. Mokey's not on the group tees! :mad: I'm just glad I got a shirt with Mokey on it. :) I think I might end up getting the "Trust...
  2. Faylo

    Happy Pi Day!

    So, today is March 14th... 3/14.. 3.14. π It's International Pi Day! Hehe, I'm a math nerd :) Have a happy Pi Day, Guys! :excited: π π π π π π π π π
  3. Faylo

    Big Brother, Anyone?

    Hello fellow MC pals and members! Beau and I have been recently working on an MC group game of sorts. We both discovered that we have a favourite TV show that we have in common, and that show is Big Brother. For those who don’t know, Big Brother is a reality TV show that is broadcast around...
  4. Faylo

    CANADIANS: Muppets From Space on YTV

    Yeah. It's on right now, I don't know if they'll be repeating it or not. Just wanted to let you know. :)
  5. Faylo

    "The Fraggles Look For Jobs" on Youtube

    Hey all, Just wanted to let you know someone has uploaded "The Fraggles Look For Jobs" (The wrap tape) on Youtube. :excited:
  6. Faylo

    New Year's Resolutions!

    So, 2007 has already started, or approaching soon wherever you are. Time for New Year's Resolutions! Mine are to get into our local production of High School Musical, lose a bit of weight and get 1,000 posts here on MC! What are yours? :)
  7. Faylo

    Reunited, and it feels so good..

    Hey Everyone! Well, I know I'm not a really recognized member here at MC, but I posted a lot over the summer this year. Ever since August, I haven't been on much. I spent all August in Ontario with my friend, and the week I got home I had to plan a suprise party for my friend who left for...
  8. Faylo

    Muppet Adventure: Chaos At The Carnival

    I recently dug up my NES and hooked it up. Being a Muppet fan the first game I played was MA:CATC (I'm too lazy to spell it). I remember playing this game a lot when I was younger and finding it really hard, and I still kind of find it hard now (especially Gonzo's game)! My favourite part is...
  9. Faylo

    Around the Universe lyrics

    I was listening to Uncle Matt's theme song earlier today and I can't figure out some of the lyrics.. Does anyone know where I can find the correct ones? Also, the copy of the song I have downloaded is kind of muffled and hard to decipher, so if someone could direct me to somewhere where I can...