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  1. baby sinclair

    old Garbage Pail kids fans

    Just wanted to know if their was anyone who used to or still collects the cards which were sort of the pokemon during the 80's.By the way in case anyone really cares the garbage pail kids dvd comes out july 12th!!!!! :)
  2. baby sinclair

    Boober in GERMany???

    I know this is corny and random but would'nt it be funny to see how boober would react when he realizes hes enterd a strange new country in outerspace called germany.And to see him mistake the people as gigantic gorg germs.....I've got way too much time on my hands :rolleyes: .
  3. baby sinclair

    Song of the South on DVD

    Before any one spreads this idea all over the web.I just want to let you know that nothing is set in stone.But disney (supposably)plans on releasing the 2 disc 60th aniversary edition of song of the south on dvd fall 2006. :D .The movie as many may be aware of has'nt been on video in years...
  4. baby sinclair

    Can't find Fraggle DVD's anywhere

    So back in october when the s e of where it all began came out my walmart did'nt carry it.This this month dance your cares away came out STILL cant find a trace of it i called best buy,suncoast,Checked walmart and no one found it on the shelf or in their computer.So my question where(besides...
  5. baby sinclair

    oc fans?

    I think its an ok show but i must admit new season bitez.It seems like they've squeezed all the excitement out of the characters.And when the characters talk to each other they act like theres a big brick wall seperating them.
  6. baby sinclair

    Desperate House Wives

    I for one think this a very interesting and contagious show.I never want to miss and episode.And the excitement is heating up beyond that white picket fence.Any one else here like the show?
  7. baby sinclair

    Farscape's fan base

    I've only seen one episode and that was way back when i was 12 .But i'd like to know is if this show is any good?Because it has very low fan base on this website and is often left out and never mentioned in the media or other places.
  8. baby sinclair

    How to fix sqeaky VHS

    I've noticed how mostly vhs tapes distrubuted by buena vista start to squeak after only 5 or so years of use.So i was wandering what i could do to fix these annoying squeaks when trying to view a movie.Thanx if anyone has any suggestions because i have way too many mint conditioned movies to be...
  9. baby sinclair

    Your Top 5 Henson Shows

    We all know that henson has made many shows. some classics and some faded away after a few episodes.But which 5 henson shows do you think are the heres my favorites. 1.Fraggle rock(live action) :excited: 2.Muppet babies 3.Dinosaurs 4.The muppet show 5.Classic sesame street (20yrs...
  10. baby sinclair

    Sababa's Fraggle Doll Hair

    Any one else here annoyed by how the hair seems to just easily fall off their head.True i like the look and style of the hair its sooo much like the actual characters.I think sababa needs to work a little harder on the hair because i'd like these collectibles to last through the decades with a...
  11. baby sinclair

    New 2005 Fraggle Calender coming.

    Just got the news from tough pigs the pictures look very pretty and you order it from the muppet store so check it out.
  12. baby sinclair

    New zoo review dvd

    My goodnezz i cant belive this show is on dvd.Guess what in season sets C'mon gimme a break HIT if this show gets this kind of treatment then why not Fraggles or any other great henson shows and specials they have rights to.If they can release a 5 Barney dvds a month i know FRAGGLES and all the...
  13. baby sinclair

    Buddy's on UPN

    Buddys on upn right now if anyone is interested.Sorry for the late notice.
  14. baby sinclair

    Aladdin DVD coming October 5

    Hey ,october 5th aladdin is finally coming to dvd.Seeing how its one of disneys last classics and very underated i wanderd if any one planned on purchasing this diamond in the rough.I know i will i've been waiting for years to see this treasure once again in glorious dvd quality. :)
  15. baby sinclair

    Gobo's look

    Any one know exactly why they changed gobo's look after the first five or so episodes.Did any one else like gobo better the first season i like the way his hair was poofy at the sides and how he had no skin at the back of his eye lids.So what do you guys think?
  16. baby sinclair

    Allegra and Eureeka?

    A few months ago i bought allegras window and eureekas castle for my little sister.Watching the show brought back memorys.True it was no where comparable to any of hensons shows.But they were really wholesome shows.Does any one else here remeber these from nick jr.*sigh* its a shame alot good...
  17. baby sinclair

    Family Guy Fraggle references

    family guy FR references. Cant recall which episodes but their father was trying to sale his home and his customer wasnt paying him much attention so he desperatly yelled out 'Wait this is where the pilgrims landed at fraggle rock" just if any one else had seen this episode.
  18. baby sinclair

    A Muppet Family Sitcom

    Ever since i first saw muppet family christmas i liked the idea of all the muppets staying under one roof and having all sorts of mishaps. I know with disney owning half the muppet family that this will never ever happen. But dont you think it would be sensational to have a comedy with guest...
  19. baby sinclair

    The Acting in Labyrinth

    Now, i know i'm not very good at acting.But was any one else annoyed by the cruddy acting in the first few scenes of this film.I mean sarah was over reacting about lancelot.She also gave me the impression that this was a silly movie.But when jareth kicked sarah started to loosen up and the...
  20. baby sinclair

    Just saw the Ghost of Faffner Hall

    Hey i was wandering if any one remembers this show because i have never heard any one mention it. I bought some episodes on ebay and it's a really cool show. i thought i'd just mention it to see if anyone has seen this. :smirk: