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  1. Puppetainer

    Puppet Sale!

    Hey everyone! Just a heads up that I'm having a May Monster Sale! The monster puppets in my Etsy shop are 25% for a limited time (sale ends May 29) so check'em out! Spring is the perfect time to bring a new monster into your home!
  2. Puppetainer

    New pirate puppet for sale!

    Hey gang I mentioned in my last thread that I was working on a pirate puppet and he has been completed! You can check him out in my Etsy shop by clicking this link. Hope you like him! He was a blast to build. My next...
  3. Puppetainer

    My little Etsy Shop...not of horrors, just puppets.

    Hello all my Muppet Central pals! In all the craziness that is my daily life I somehow managed to launch my Etsy shop in January and COMPLETELY forget to share it with all of you here! Truly a crime as THIS is the forum that was so instrumental in my first steps towards opening my shop. I...
  4. Puppetainer

    First time sharing a puppet image

    Hi all! I've been bumming around the forums and occasionally posting things for about 5 years now. This is the first time I've posted any photos or links to photos though. I've learned so much from so many people here it only seems right to share my amateur results with my cohorts out here...
  5. Puppetainer

    Is anyone paying the bills using their puppets/puppetry?

    Okay, I've discovered what many of you do with your puppets, which has raised another question in my always inquisitive mind. Who among you is actually earning some or all of their living through their work in puppetry? I ask with a greater than average curiosity because, as mentioned in...
  6. Puppetainer

    What do you do with your puppets?

    Okay, I've been coming to this site for almost 3 years now and have been working on and off on making puppets of my own for some of that time. My question to all of my fellow puppet lovers is what do you do with the puppets you make? Are you doing puppetry somewhere? Do you plan on starting to...