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    The Muppet Show Book

    I just listed my auction for the 1978 Muppet Show Book on ebay.
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    Muppet Movie DVD extras

    What extras are on the newer version of the Muppet Movie DVD? I looked on Amazon, and it only looks like there's one extra. Is that right?
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    Huge Plush

    I was at a bowling alley Friday night and happened to glance over at the prize counter for the arcade and what did I see? A huge plush of Kremit. Upon further inspection, I saw they also had Fozzie and Rizzo (dressed in a black leather jacket). They were about three feet tall and looked...
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    Backstage playset

    I now it's been mentioned that there's a backstage playset coming out, but what are the details on it? The figure that comes with it, etc...
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    Collection Lists

    I was just wondering if there is a thread already made where people share what they've collected? I would be interested to see what everyone has acquired.
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    Hey, i got my first action figure today and it's great! Gonzo and Camilla. But I have one question, is Gonzo's hand supposed to move at the wrist on the left? He moves at the wrist on the right, but I don't think his left is moving. I don't want to force it, just curious. Besides that, the...
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    Johnny Fiama

    I never got to see the Muppets Tonight when it was on TV and after seeing AVMMC last night for the first time and watching MFS also for the first time this week, I was wondering, what's the story with Johnny Fiama? Is he a gangster? lounge singer? slimy executive? And why does he hang around...
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    12 Days fo Christmas

    I heard the Muppets singing "The 12 Days of Christmas" on the radio today and I could place almost all of the characters singing except for the fourth day. I was wondering if someone could help me. Here's the list of what I came up with. Day 1 - everyone 2 - Fozzie 3 - Gonzo 4 - ???? 5...
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    DVD extras

    Hi, I have a question bout te Muppet Show DVDs. How do you access the Muppetisms, Movie Mania and Archived stuff? I've been able to do the "Did you know?" but that's it. Sorry if this has already been covered before, but I'm a newbie. Thanks. :D