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  1. bigwilly2000

    Cutie Pie the Prairie Dog

    A big thanks to John Claybourne at the Bashful Puppet Blog for the pattern and videos. I made this puppet for my granddaughter Colby's 5th birthday this past May. So here we go: Pattern traced and cut. Made a liner in a very easy way than I have in the past. I bought a swatch of printed...
  2. bigwilly2000

    DinkyDoo, Dolly Doo Doo and Little Critter Projects

    Well here we go again. I made the following puppets for my wife, daughter and another one for my granddaughter. I did these three puppets at the same time and although it was difficult to make my deadline of Valentines Day I got it done. So here we go: Sketches DinkyDoo Dolly Doo-Doo...
  3. bigwilly2000

    The Skeeter Project

    Before anyone asks no this isnt a Skeeter replica, lol. I have based this puppet on my grand daughter's "Cuddly Monster" halloween costume a couple of years ago. I also used Paul Louis' videos as a reference since I was using the Roly pattern from Project Puppet. So without further ado here...
  4. bigwilly2000

    Fleece Question

    I was wondering if you can't get Antron fleece what would be a good alternative, anit-pill, brushed, micro, etc? I'm starting two more monsters and need the fleece for hands, feet and bellies. :D Chris
  5. bigwilly2000

    Canadian Suppliers

    Hi all. :) I am starting my first puppet build and I found that getting most of the supplies were pretty hard. I have been lurking on this site for a while now and have found most of the supplier links. The only thing is that buying through the US isnt all that cheap, ie: 2 yards of muppet...