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  1. Terrence Burke

    My Cincinnati PBS TV debut

    Hello puppet people, please enjoy my segment on The Art Show, which is a television program showcasing artists from around the country. This episode was the 2017 season premiere: Thanks for watching :)
  2. Terrence Burke

    Puppeteer documentary

    Hello everyone, Sorry that I do not spend much time on the boards these days. I am pleased to say that I have been super busy following my dream :) Last Autumn a short documentary was made about me, and how I use puppetry to heal myself and share joy with others. Here is the page on my...
  3. Terrence Burke

    My first professional TV PSA

    Howdy MC pals, So sorry I haven't posted in ages... Life's been busy with PUPPETRY!!!! I am pleased to share my first professional television PSA that I perform my puppet characters in for the City of Cincinnati: In this PSA I perform Cyril the Sea Serpent and Kitty Quo Quo Quo Qua with...
  4. Terrence Burke

    Wump Mucket Puppets on Cincinnati TV

    Howdy gang! I wish to share a TV appearance that me and a couple of my charcters made in October on Cincinnati TV station WLWT: Thanks for watching, Puppets ROCK!
  5. Terrence Burke

    Wump Mucket Puppets are having a FAN-tastic contest!

    Hello everyone! It seems like it's been YEARS since I posted. You know, it probably has been years. My puppet troupe Wump Mucket Puppets has been getting busier and busier with live performances, TV work, and more. We are having a contest on our Facebook page to help us reach 1000 likes by...
  6. Terrence Burke

    Beauty is Embarrassing - A documentary about Wayne White

    I love Pee Wee's Playhouse, yet never knew the name of the puppeteers and creative folks who made the House playful, until now! You MUST check out this brilliant documentary on artist/puppeteer/musician Wayne White. You can watch it on-line for FREE like I did this evening...
  7. Terrence Burke

    It's puppet building time!

    I will build a new puppet character this weekend to use in a show that I have booked in a few weeks.
  8. Terrence Burke

    Howdy from Cincinnati!

    Hi Muppet Central pals! Sorry that I have not been on here often. Life and puppetry often take up my days & nights. 2012 was a fantastic year for my puppet troupe Wump Mucket Puppets! We performed all around Cincinnati, were guests on TWO television stations, and even were interviewed on...
  9. Terrence Burke

    My radio debut

    Puppets on the radio? Why not! Cincinnati's NPR radio station WVXU interviewed me about my puppet troupe Wump Mucket Puppets. Here's a link to their website, look for the photo of the silly guy with puppets:
  10. Terrence Burke

    My local television debut!

    I appeared on Cincinnati's FOX 19 News Morning Xtra show this morning to promote my puppetry and a puppet show that I will be performing this weekend. Here's the link to the video: Thanks for watching...
  11. Terrence Burke

    Do you perform your puppet show live?

    Just curious who out there in MC land are puppeteers who perform live in front of an audience? I love performing for children and their families. My puppet show was created bit by bit while I entertained my two children to eventually take it "on the road". Most of my shows are at libraries...
  12. Terrence Burke

    Teaser video I made

    Hi gang! I don't visit these pages enough. Sorry. I guess it's the usual reasons, work, life, etc. Somewhere I find the time for puppetry! Here's a short teaser video for a clip that I am making for artist Andy Finkle's website: Thanks for watching:
  13. Terrence Burke

    Look at this Oscar the Grouch puppet!

    My wife sent me this link about this homemade Oscar puppet: I think it looks great!:grouchy:
  14. Terrence Burke

    Offensive newspaper jab at puppeteers

    Hello fellow puppeteers, please read the Sept. 24th bit from Cincinnati CityBeat: Here is my blog about this: If you wish to reply to the author of...
  15. Terrence Burke

    Audio suggestions for live puppet show

    Hello, I am a solo puppeteer who's show has (finally) started to roll. Most of the places I perform have been at farmer's markets, art fairs, and coffee shops. I have found that I am not louder than a firetruck, and will eventually burn out my vocal chords trying to be heard over street/park...