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  1. Rymoore21

    Professional live arm female "dinosaur style" puppet

    Professional quality live arm female dinosaur puppet for sale. 100% designed and fabricated by puppeteer/builder Ryan Moore.
  2. Rymoore21

    Professional "Sleazy Mouse" Puppet

    Professional quality, handmade puppet. 100% designed, hand-stitched, and fabricated by Ryan Moore.
  3. Rymoore21

    Professional Monster Puppet

    Handmade professional monster puppet. 100% designed, hand-stitched, and fabricated by puppet builder, Ryan Moore. The puppet includes Ryan Moore's "floating mouthplate grip" to decrease "head flapping" while performing. This is a one-of-a-kind puppet...
  4. Rymoore21

    Professional "generic boy" puppet

    Generic professional puppet 100% designed and fabricated by puppeteer Ryan Moore. Not for puppeteers with large hands.
  5. Rymoore21

    Snelvis Pestley

    The FIRST EVER exclusive Elvis impersonating hand puppet (not like Terry Fator's Elvis), Snelvis Pestley is now booking in the Cincinnati area. Be sure to check out his Facebook page.
  6. Rymoore21

    Puppets & Booze puppet slam, Cincinnati

    Here are a few photos and clips from the puppet slam. I will get the full video uploaded soon.
  7. Rymoore21

    Cincinnati Puppet Slam

    Hello! The Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild is excited to announce Puppets&Booze, our adult puppet slam. The show will be on August 2 at 7pm at the Southgate House Revival in Newport Kentucky. Come see marionettes, soft puppets, shadow puppetry, and even PANTOMIMES while enjoying adult...
  8. Rymoore21

    Taking Orders Again...

    Hi everyone! I am on a break from nursing school and am taking orders again for custom-built puppets. The price depends on what you want. I am probably one of the few people who uses a system of "you pay for the material first and I will build it." While most people don't like that concept, I...
  9. Rymoore21

    Trying something different

    Hey fellow puppet freaks! I have started working on a miniature puppet. I am going for "creepy" and disfigured. I gave no attention to symmetry and/or perfection because I want it to look kinda Aboriginal. I still need to paint the face and eyes, finalize the mouth mechanism, and build the...
  10. Rymoore21

    My latest project

    Hey guys, I have been fairly busy with school but I had some time to build this quickly. No name yet. Let me know what you think! He still needs hands.
  11. Rymoore21

    Performing with Dr. "Patch" Adams

    Hello! Every year, the famous clown doctor, Patch Adams travels overseas with a group of clowns to bring laughter to people in third world countries and oppressed areas. I have been communicating with him for a couple of months now about combining my puppetry with my profession which is...
  12. Rymoore21

    Commissioned Cat Puppet

    Here is a cat puppet I am building for a client in England. I should be finished with "her" by next week.
  13. Rymoore21

    My Elmo Replica

    I have been wanting to build Elmo for a long time so I decided to do it this week. Here it is!
  14. Rymoore21

    Wilkins tribute

    I really want to see a Wilkins and Wontkins reboot. I spoke with Heather Henson and she said that she thinks the copyright is frozen. Here is my Wilkins that I built. I am redoing his pupils tonight to make them smaller. I am going to build Wontkins and you guys will see more of them on YouTube...
  15. Rymoore21

    Wilkins replica

    I am probably the first of a few to actually make a Wilkins replica. I was going for the look of the earlier Wilkins with the yellow color and the black outline around the tongue. His pupils are a little large but overall, I am happy with the way he turned out. Let me know what you think.
  16. Rymoore21

    The Fruppet Puppet Show

    Hey guys! I finally got my website up. Check it out and don't forget to sign the guestbook! Thanks, Ryan
  17. Rymoore21

    A look back at my Kermit builds

    The first Kermit was horrible. I hadn't been building puppets long. The next one is a bit sloppy and small, but better than my first one. And finally, Kermit v3.0 is perfect in my opinion. This really documents my skill level over the years. Keep building and you get better. Don't ever...
  18. Rymoore21

    Miniature Rufus puppet

    I needed to build a miniature version of Rufus for an upcoming performance in which I shrink him. Turns out, my daughter fell in love with it and so she now has her own Rufus. It is a cool feeling to have created a character that your child thinks of as a real, living thing! :)
  19. Rymoore21

    Kermit V3.0

    For some reason, I am DYING to make an acceptable replica of Kermit. I have made them in the past but there was always something off about them. After learning from my own builds and searching the web for ideas, I think I have stumbled on the perfect technique. I began the build today. I am...
  20. Rymoore21

    New addition to the Fruppet Puppet Show

    Here is the newest addition to the Fruppet Puppet Show. He isn't completely finished yet. I am going to make better clothing and add arms.