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  1. LipsGF4Life

    What's Something Muppet-Related that Took You a Long Time to Figure Out?

    I was wondering: What's a muppet-related thing that took you guys long enough to realize?? Here's mine: - Some time after the Outside Lands performance, I just realized that before they opened with Ophelia, Janice, Floyd, Zoot, Lips, and Animal mentioned the puppeteer's wives before Dr.Teeth...
  2. LipsGF4Life

    Current Fan art

    Sorry I haven't been postin' much here.....I recently got a new job 'n stuff. Blah. But I'll show ya'll my new and recent art pieces!! Plz enjoy!! I'll post more hopefully here too :3 but lemme know what ya'll think!!
  3. LipsGF4Life


    Hey guys! This is LeahXZoot4Evur! I actually changed my username if you can't tell! :) Question: Have you guys ever change your username on here yet? :3
  4. LipsGF4Life

    What are YOUR ideas of headcannons for Lips??

    I wanna hear your suggestions of what you think Lips's background is. Like what kind of family life you think he had or how do you think he got in the Electric Mayhem? Something like that. To me, I think Lips grew up with a loving mother, an identical twin sister (who is basically like a...
  5. LipsGF4Life

    I Need Some Tips.

    Hey guys so I have a goal this year in 2018. I really want to start to make my first Muppet. Perferably my Muppet OC, the first one I've ever created since I became a Muppet fan. I need some tips on this. Cause I never sewn before, I never made a Muppet before in my life, and I need help...
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    Who Likes Overwatch?

    I wanted to ask all members of this website, who is a big fan of Overwatch? Do you play it on the PS4 or the PC? Which characters do you mostly play or who you like to play? To add some Muppet thoughts: which Muppet could be compared to which Overwatch character?? To me, the Electric Mayhem...
  7. LipsGF4Life

    The Ask LeahXZoot4Evur Anything Thingy

    I've been seeing people on here do this kinda thing and I thought why not give it a try? So go on! Ask me questions and such, waiting with open arms! :D
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    Hey guys. So I kinda been wanting to write this fanfic about Lips recently. If you haven't seen the video where Steve Whitmire and Kermit the Frog talk about the Lips inncident at DragonCon 2015, I'll leave a link in the comments so you guys can check that out. Just scroll down till you see the...
  9. LipsGF4Life

    What Would I Do Without You?

    With the whole stories and blogs on Steve Whitmire not being in the Muppets anymore, I've decided to take on the oppertunity to write what I think Beaker, Lips, and Rizzo would think about this when Kermit has to tell them the news and how each of their reactions will take on the rest of the...
  10. LipsGF4Life

    Anyone get responses from Muppets Q&A's on Twitter?

    From all the Q&A's the Muppets had a on twitter, has anyone have gotten a response from them? I have. From Zoot. :) (Dream come true I k.) What responses did you guys get?
  11. LipsGF4Life

    Happy Birthday Kristine73!!

    @Kristine73 you have been doing great fanfictions of the Electric Mayhem and the other Muppets. You're kind and wonderful and very creative when someone asks fanfiction requests. Thank you. And have a very Happy Birthday!
  12. LipsGF4Life

    Requests for art? videos? fanfiction?

    Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I either posted art on here, made a new story, and/or completed the Lips biography story (which more of that will be soon!). I've been so busy with school a lot and I haven't been on my computer. There will be new art posted soon and I'm on writers block...
  13. LipsGF4Life

    LXZ4Evur's Electric Mayhem Fan-Box! :D

    Hey sorry I haven't posted in forever. But I have decided to show you guys my latest project that I have finished! :D :sing: :flirt: :cool: :halo: It is the Electric Mayhem Box! Here's the front Now here's the back! Here's the right side! @Janice+Floyd<3 Here's the left! @MuppetLuver2000...
  14. LipsGF4Life

    The Life of Lips (biography fanfic)

    Hey guys! I decided to write a bio fanfic for Lips! Plz enjoy! ____________________________________________________ A beautiful summer morning in Austin, Texas. As jazz was born to this world, a star was born. Not Dizzy Gillespie. But a Muppet star. Our story begins in some field somewhere in...
  15. LipsGF4Life

    I'll send you my love through a bottle (A Richard Hunt Dedication)

    Authors Note: Hey y'all! Srry I haven't posted any stories in like, FOREVER! I was just reading 'Voiceless: Dedicated to Richard Hunt'. It got me thinkin'. Gosh, I feel rully sorry for Janice. I wanna write another muppeteer memory story! Also, I was listening to 'Message of Regret' by Kagamine...
  16. LipsGF4Life

    LXZ4Evur's Custom Muppet Posters!

    Hey all Muppet fans! I just found this website that you can design your OWN poster! I did a lot....involving this website and the Electric Mayhem. I might do more, but I'll need some help. Everyone pitch in! What is your request on which Muppet Poster I should make next! Here's some I've...
  17. LipsGF4Life

    LXZ's fanart :3

    Hey guyz! I decided to post my fanart of whatever Muppet art I own! I shall have art posted soon! But I can show you guys what I previously posted. It's about the EM and my Muppet OC. I am open for requests!
  18. LipsGF4Life

    Janice's Proposal (A FloydXJanice story)

    Hey guys! Srry that I haven't been posting anything in like.....EVER! I got totally interested into Vets Hospital on the Muppet Show and I decided to combine it to a VERY important nurse....not Nurse Piggy, I mean Nurse Janice. ______________________________ A wonderful Sunday night at the El...
  19. LipsGF4Life

    Knowing You're Safe and Sound (A tribute to Jim Henson, Richard Hunt, and Jerry Nelson)

    Hey, srry I haven't been posting. But when I got my new Kindle Fire this year, I recently kept playing some song that became part of the Hunger Games soundtrack, it was a cover up from one of Taylor Swift's songs. Hope this'll be a groovy one! And yes, it involves a li'l Electric Mayhem. Oh...
  20. LipsGF4Life

    LXZ4Evur's Electric Mayhem Oneshots

    I decided to finally make my oneshots! Srry if I haven't been posting for a while. Here's the first fanfic! Enjoy! Note: This first story is told first-person point of view. Part of the Mayhem Its been a few weeks since I've been working with the Muppets. I've been very good friends with...