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  1. SJohnson

    Swazzle Seeking Puppeteers for National Tour

    Swazzle seeking puppeteers for national tour of “Dream Carver”, a 55-minute bilingual puppet musical. Acting and singing ability required. Spanish language skills a plus. All ethnicities encouraged to audition. This is a non-union tour. Dream Carver tells the story of Mateo, a young boy in...
  2. SJohnson

    Swazzle Halloween Music Vidoe

    Hey All, Halloween is this Wednesday, and I wanted to share a little music video we made. It features puppets designed and built by Swazzle, and an all new original Halloween song. It also features puppetry by Artie Esposito, Victor Yerrid, (and myself)... among others! Check it out. I'd...
  3. SJohnson

    Is MC iPad friendly?

    Hey guys. I just got myself an iPad and I noticed that the main MuppetCentral headline does't show up - most likely a flash VS apple issue. Anyway, with so many people accessing the site with smart phones, iPads and other devises, maybe it would be a good idea to create a new, non flash...
  4. SJohnson

    Disney's Team Smithereen needs puppet fab interns!

    Hey All!! Our Disney Team Smithereen pilot is looking for interns! If you're interested in learning about puppet fabrication, miniature model building, puppet wardrobe, digital animation, or prop fabrication... and have an appetite for mayhem and destruction give us a shout! Contact...
  5. SJohnson

    JibJab - So Long to Ya 2010, puppet short

    Check out JibJab's year in review short So Long to Ya 2010. It features puppetry by myself, Patrick Johnson, and Artie Esposito. Enjoy:
  6. SJohnson

    Puppet Simpsons on this Sunday!

    Be sure to tune in to the Simpsons on Sunday December 5th to see the Simpson puppets and Katy Perry. The segment will play towards the end of the show, and there is a lot of fun jokes for Muppet fans - I think you'll all really enjoy it. Check it out, and share your thoughts. :)
  7. SJohnson

    New - Share Your Thoughts!

    Hey all, We've just launched a brand new! It focuses on our professional services: puppet designers, builders, puppeteers, and more. Please take a look at the new site, and share your thoughts: Thanks, Sean
  8. SJohnson

    Puppet Simpsons and Katy Perry

    Get a first look at the Simpsons as puppets and their very special guest star Katy Perry. Puppets and puppetry by Swazzle, puppet segment produced by the Chiodo Brothers. Puppeteers: Sean Johnson, Patrick Johnson, Artie Esposito, Russ Walko, and Brett O'Quinn...
  9. SJohnson

    Swazzle Show at FAO

    Come and see puppeteers Noel MacNeal (Bear in the Big Blue House), Marc Petrosino (Crank Yankers), and Haley Jenkins (The Pee-wee Herman Show) in Swazzle's Juno Jr. puppet show at FAO Schwarz. Directed by Swazzle's Artie Esposito and Sean Johnson. Shows are every Saturday in September between...
  10. SJohnson

    Swazzle Casting NY Puppeteers

    Swazzle Casting NY Puppeteers Swazzle is casting NY/Tri-State Area hand and rod puppeteers for a live show that will premiere at FAO Schwarz on 5th Avenue beginning in September. The show will be promoting the "Juno Baby" brand, which is a series of...
  11. SJohnson

    New Swazzle Demo Reel

    I just posted Swazzle's new demo reel. It highlights some of the cool puppet projects we've done in the last few years. Check it out and share your thoughts: :)
  12. SJohnson

    Team Smithereen is on the Air!

    Hey All, We just learned that Disney XD is airing Team Smithereen, a series of stunt puppet shorts created by BRATS of the Lost Nebula creator Dan Clark. I was fortunate to work as a puppeteer, writer, and director on the series. Check out the promo...
  13. SJohnson

    Puppeteer needed for Swazzle’s Bay Area tour

    Date: Monday, May 3, 2010 Location: TBD Swazzle is seeking a puppeteer to perform the live puppet show Water Color at libraries in the San Francisco Bay Area. The 45-minute show will be presented during June and July as entertainment for the libraries’ summer reading programs. Water Color is a...
  14. SJohnson

    Cool Japanese Puppet Commercial

    Hey puppet fans, Swazzle working with the Chiodo Brothers made all the puppets for this Japanese Subaru commercial. The site and the two spots are in Japanese - but if you click on the third pink button you'll find a link to the videos. All the videos are on the bottom left of the page. The top...
  15. SJohnson

    The Pee Wee Herman Show!

    Hey Guys, Swazzle has created 19 puppets for the Pee Wee Herman Show opening tomorrow at Club Nokia in Downtown L.A. We also provided all of the puppeteers, and I am serving as puppet coordinator. We've recreated many of the show's classic puppet characters - plus a few new faces. I hope you...
  16. SJohnson

    Dark Crystal Spoof on Robot Chicken

    Did anyone see the Dark Crystal Spoof on Robot Chicken? It's pretty funny.
  17. SJohnson

    Swazzle Building Audrey 2 Puppets

    Hey all, Swazzle is building some Audrey 2 puppets for the classic musical "Little Shop of Horrors". We're posting lots of cool behind the scenes photos on our Facebook fan page. Check them, and share your thoughts: Sean :busy:
  18. SJohnson

    Swazzle's New Light Puppets

    Hey all, Swazzle has been working hard creating our new summer puppet shows. Now the season has started, and I wanted to share with all of you some photos of our new light up puppets from Water Color. The puppets are covered with hundreds of feet of hand stitched electroluminescent wire. I've...
  19. SJohnson

    Swazzle Puppetry Auditions

    Thursday, April 30th, beginning at 10am Swazzle 4525 San Fernando Rd., Unit F Glendale, CA 90035 Swazzle is looking for puppeteers to perform live puppet shows at libraries across Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. These...
  20. SJohnson

    Team Smithereen

    Hey All, For the last couple of months I've been working on Team Smithereen, a super cool puppet project with Brats of the Lost Nebula creator Dan Clark. As puppet fans, I wanted you all to be the first to get the inside scoop - check out the new Team Smithereen Blog...