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  1. muppfozz

    I need some ideas on moving my playsets

    :oI need some help!!!!I have to move and so I need to know how to safely pack my Muppet playsets. The are so delicate and such small pieces on them. I do not have the original boxes they came in. Would bubble wrap work or something else. I am running out of room in the car to move them...
  2. muppfozz

    Muppet Stuff at Wal-Mart

    :insatiable: Want Muppet stuff....check out your local Wal Mart store. I found caps and lounge pants for men with Elmo or Cookie Monster. The caps I found were Cookie Monster and Kermit. Even had a knitted Kermit hat. I often travel the store and find Muppet things. :)