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  1. crazy chris

    Several Sesame Street Style Replicas for sale!

    Not sure if anyone is in the market... but i have some puppets for sale this week... auctions ending Sunday!
  2. crazy chris

    Just put 10 Pavlov's puppets up on Ebay!

    Hi everyone... I have just posted 10 wonderful and gorgeous puppets built by Ivan Pavlov on Ebay... many of them are brand new... and others were only used for a couple hours for a video shoot! Feel free to check them out and ask any questions here or through Ebay...
  3. crazy chris

    Brand new puppet parody channel on YouTube!

    Hey Guys!! As many of you may know, Me and the gang over at Sassafactory Studios (Makers of Starship Sassafrass) Have been working on a side project for about 8 months. They pushed it aside in order to continue work on the 6 episode season of SS they've been slaving over. But recently , the...
  4. crazy chris

    What do you know about the YouTube kid's app?

    Hey guys!! Not sure if everyone was aware...but Youtube recently released a kid safe app called the youtube kids app... it filters kid friendly content and eliminates the ability to comment on content and other interactive options that may prove unsafe for kids... Our stuff has luckily made the...
  5. crazy chris

    "T Time" New puppet web series

    Hello Puppet Pals!! First off... let me just say... to EVERYONE who's out there making there own little puppet videos/web series... I TRULY commend you guys!!! I don't know if anyone realizes the work that goes into these things. Second... i would like to thank my amazing crew at Sassafactory...
  6. crazy chris

    Some fun puppetry clips from our old theater.

    Hey guys!! These are a few clips i put together of our LIVE PRE SHOW that we performed during the 30 minutes before showtime while people arrived their tickets and snacks and were seated. These particular clips are from our show TTV which took place in 2012. I performed all the voices...
  7. crazy chris

    The perks and pitfalls of creating an online web series.

    Hey guys! Wanted to start up a conversation to ask what everyone's opinions are on the pros and cons of online web series. And some of your personal experiences on the subject. Thought it might help others who are either in the midst of producing a show or hope to in the future. Our story: We...
  8. crazy chris

    Our New Puppet Web Series! Starship Sassafrass!

    Hey guys! Just wanted to update everyone on our new puppet web series "STARSHIP SASSAFRASS"! We launched our Youtube channel this morning with 8 "teaser" videos of some of the cast... Please subscribe to the channel if ya dont mind!
  9. crazy chris

    Long time no see gang!!

    Hey guys!! Not sure if anyone remembers me or not but i just wanted to pop in and show my face a bit... ive sorta been out of the loop for several months and am finally getting back into the thing i love most!! Me and the old gang from Sassafrass Junction Puppet Theater are getting back...
  10. crazy chris

    Master Replicas ANIMAL photo puppet with full customized drum kit

    sigh...i hate to sell my baby....but this could really help out my situation... please pass the word to any die hard muppet fans ya know...
  11. crazy chris

    Sadly having to sell a lot of my Muppet collection

    Hi friends!! Sad times here in the crazy chris house...Hit a bit of a rough patch financially and i am having to sell off as much of my muppet collection as i can.... Some of it is allready listed on Ebay at...
  12. crazy chris

    Question for you Fraggle builders?

    Ive just recently began rewatching Fraggle Rock, being a die hard Muppet Show fan and being too poor to have HBO in the 80's... i never really formed the same bond with Fraggle Rock... but i am finding it quite enjoyable to watch! My question is about Wimbleys eye mech... ive only noticed it...
  13. crazy chris

    LARGE Muppet plushes for sale!!

    i am having to thin down my collection some... so heres a couple great plushes and another cool collectable set! 3 FOOT TALL FOZZIE! 4...
  14. crazy chris

    Zoot's hair?

    Quick question to you guys.... does anyone know what Zoots hair is made of? I know the top bit is ostrich feathers... but then it progressively gets curly towards the bottom and also has a two tone blueish yarn look.... any clue? EXHIBIT A...
  15. crazy chris

    Axtell Fried chicken puppet for sale

    Selling the last of the puppets from our puppet theater... in excellent shape and ready for your show!! cc
  16. crazy chris

    Did anyone happen to see this amazing memorabilia sold on eBay?

    I had saved this to my "watch list" and it only took it a couple of days to either sell or be removed... but wow...what an amazing piece!! i recommend you just look at the pictures...not sure if my description could do it justice...
  17. crazy chris

    Muppet Hot Wheels "Pop Culture" collection 2013?

    Have you guys noticed this crop of muppet hot wheels that hit ebay this week? ME WANT SO BAD!! Do they exist in stores? cc
  18. crazy chris

    CC's fledgling muppet collection photos

    Ive loved the muppets since 1975... but i just recently began to fully act on my My Animal replica with drum kit (The folding table is just temporary... im going to buind a nice big stand soon!)
  19. crazy chris

    Who collects Autographs?

    Just curious who else has a muppet related autograph collection? I just started an autograph collection... i love framing them up nicely and displaying them...makes me feel all warm So far i have: frank oz jason segal amy adams bill barretta charles grodin i want to have a...
  20. crazy chris

    Selling some cool muppet merch to make room for more!!

    Hey gang!! i am selling off some of my duplicate items to make room for more fun muppet stuff!! Check out my ebay auctions for great deals!! thanks guys!! cc