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    Rare Muppet Puppets needed!

    Hello everyone. I need to ask my fellow muppet lovers to help me out in the search for some specific muppet plushes / hand puppets for my collection. I have been searching and not able to find these items, maybe someone can help me. I can purchase or trade for the items if anyone has what I...
  2. J

    Rare Muppets for sale....

    Hello everyone. I have been a muppet central member for at least 4 years altogether. I have decided it is time to move on as I do not have room for my huge muppet plush / puppet collection. I thought that before putting them on eBay, I would see if I could get some offers from Muppet central...
  3. J

    Nanco Pepe plush

    Hey! Can anyone help me in obtaining this plush? I have searched claw machines, arcades, the fair, and amusement parks with NO luck. Please help!! email me at, or post to this message. Thanks!!
  4. J

    Muppet Plush / Doll / Puppet Collection

    Hey everyone. I've taken a two year hiatus from this forum. Very busy with some other things in my life. I'm back now though! I really enjoy this site, it has really helped me with my muppet obsession. I hope some of you remember me from back in the day. Anyways, I do have a question for my...