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    Possibility of Fraggle Viral videos?

    So, I was thinking, I know some here had tossed around this idea before... Maybe after all of "The Muppets" promotion dies down, (or possibly while it is still around) Henson could team up with a partner and create some Fraggle viral videos. As Dr.tooth has said before, the Fraggles really need...
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    Misinforming Superfoods?

    Here's an article that I found today; Any thoughts?
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    The Muppets character page on

    I don't believe that this has ever been linked here before, so here is the character page for the Muppets from Also notice that there are links to individual pages for some of the Muppets like Kermit and Piggy;
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    Kermit ear hat

    I have know about this for a while now; at Disneyland they are selling Kermit mouse ear hats Here is a picture that I took today in a Disneyland store; I think its pretty cute, and I've seen people...
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    New Pics: Jason Segel and the Muppets at the L.A. movie set

    Some new photos from the set of "The Muppets";
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    Loony Tunes, a theory as to why the are a tough sell...

    Loony Tunes, a theory as to why they are a tough sell... In a recent thread, the Loony Tunes came up, and the fact that the have not been doing anything for a while and that they seem to have a hard time finding an audience today. While there are probably a lot of reasons why, I have a theory...
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    Mickey talking to guests at Disneyland

    This news has been out there for while, but in case some people haven't heard about this or seen these videos yet, let me set the stage. Back in May of this year, Disneyland tested a new character experience. For a few days, Mickey at his house in Toontown could actually talk to people and...
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    Walt Disney Imagineering video

    This is a video about Walt Disney Imagineering. At around 1:19 in the video the Muppet Mobile Lab can be seen;
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    The Muppet Vision 3D story (from mouseplanet)

    Here is an interesting interview from with former Disney Imagineer Mark Eades about the creation of Muppet Vision 3D;
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    Jim Henson acknowledgment in Disneyland

    I've actually known about this for quite some time, but I was just never able to get good pictures of it until now. To set this up, I should to mention that in December 09, Disneyland finally re-opened the classic "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" attraction, sporting new technology and a newly...
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    Jim Hill Muppets article... Take it with a grain of salt if you wish. I know that some people don't consider him the most trustworthy source, and I tend to agree, but the Muppets...
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    New Video: Kermit's Commentary on Bohemian Rhapsody

    I didn't see this mentioned anywhere else, so here it is!
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    Talk Listen Connect-When Families Grieve

    There will be a new Talk Listen Connect special that will air on April 14th. Sesame Street will be tackling the subject of death again to help families cope with the death of a parent; And here are some related youtube videos...
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    Kirk Thatcher interview Its short, but nice.
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    Rumor: Oscar living in a recycling bin

    I've been poking around youtube, particularly official Sesame Street videos and apparently, a few people have gotten the idea that Oscar does not live in a trash can anymore, and that he now lives in a recycling bin, and of course they are complaining about that because its too PC and whatnot...
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    Personalized Muppet website for DisneyParks

    Hey all, you may not see me much around here, I usually don't spend much time on message boards, but I just had to share this when I saw it. I think that some of you will get a big kick out of this;