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  1. Joseph

    Muppet Survivor Round 6

    We should vote in block to get rid of the sesame street characters first.
  2. Joseph

    Help stop Dolphin Shows in NJ!

  3. Joseph

    Muppet Family Christmas/ Jugband DVD- boxset or not?

    Just being sold as a lower priced set. I know this because I ordered them.
  4. Joseph

    Janice Muppet~!

    I am surprised byron hasn't responded to this thread, given that janice is his one true love.
  5. Joseph

    WIN MX----help!

    Did you try reinstalling? what version of win mx do you have???
  6. Joseph

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Re: Greetings to all! I love you signature. I think we should start a byron question answering thread. I am sure that many of the folks here have things that they would like to know about byron answered.
  7. Joseph

    KSY appearances?

    I steered myself far clear of Glitter.
  8. Joseph

    Happy Member Seniority Jackie!

    Thats 2 posts with a blank reply. What were you trying to say.
  9. Joseph

    Jackie's List of Trades!

    Jackie what was your reply??
  10. Joseph

    Favorite Muffin Books

    Wow there are so many different favorite muffin things. There isn't a favorite muffin plays thread yet though or what about famous muffins in history.
  11. Joseph

    MuppetFest 2?

    I was cracking up laughing when i saw that.
  12. Joseph

    KSY appearances?

    I'm not sure the acting could have been any worse than it was.
  13. Joseph

    Muppet Plush

    Ok lets go get all the choice ones later :-)
  14. Joseph

    Joggy's 300th Post

    Are they giving prices out for the number of posts now??
  15. Joseph

    Favorite Muffin TV Show

    I Love Muffin Muffin the Warrior Princess Muffin the Vampire Slayer The Muffin Show
  16. Joseph

    Jackie's List of Trades!

    Really.... It is.
  17. Joseph

    Favorite Muffin Quotes!

    "Muffin but trouble" "We're off to see the muffin, the wonderful muffin of oz"
  18. Joseph

    Kermit's Swamp Years Fan Reviews

    The movie might have actually been good if it gave us an insight on kermits younger years. Instead most of the movie revolved around the stupid adventure and had little to do with the swamp.
  19. Joseph

    Kermit's Swamp Years Fan Reviews

    They can only go up from here. I don't think that they could create anything worse than KSY.
  20. Joseph

    KSY appearances?

    I hope your youngest cousins don't start attacking each other with sharp objects or don't suddenly have the urge to dissect a small animal.