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    Doozer figurines @ Hot Topic!

    I don't know if you guys know about this yet, but I was just at two Hot Topic stores in LA, and found 3 different, roughly 2 inch Doozer figurines for sale. Architect, Cotterpin, and Worker. Sweet! Also, I saw 2 of the Sababa Fraggle plushes there (Gobo & Red)! Check them out!
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    Bad Muppet Rumors

    Inside sources have provided me with bad rumors about the state of the Muppets... Rumor has it that the Saban deal has fallen through, which on the surface sounds like good news. However, EMTV has allegedly decided to stop paying for storage of the Henson archives, and thus trash it. A few...
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    The Muppets @ Comic Con 2002!

    Hey all, I just got back from Comic Con in San Diego (whoosh! 100,000 or so folks in an orgy of popular culture). I'm pleased to say that the Muppets received a lot of positive response. Pallisades had a booth set up showing not only the current lline of toys but Series two and three...