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  1. little jerry

    The Ballad of Casey McPhee

    ok here we go early 80's mind you i did not grow up with the original but i've watched the original which is great but nothing compared to what i refer to gruffly casey me took the train and me got it through with the caryziest combining of rocks and snow on the hill would love to find people...
  2. little jerry


    hi everyone i wanted to take a second and apologize i am sorry for any past wrongdoings but i hope i can find people who know what i am talking about sometimes it felt back then that no body knew please accept my apology
  3. little jerry

    Plaza sesemo

    Hi:) could somone help me with getting some plaza sesemo epsidoes? I don't really have anything of use to trade with but i do have an mp3 collection
  4. little jerry

    I did it!!!!:)

    Hellow all I know it's been ages since i've psoted on here but I think i should get back into the swing of things I just wanted to say I finally did it I listend to the 40 dots thing the whole way through and I would personally like to thank SSetta and all my other friends who helped me face my...
  5. little jerry

    Hi everyone

    Hi on thursdaynight i came home and SSeta's sesame street dvd came filled with some good episodes. One of them has 40 dots on there and i've been watching that without sound then today i put it on for my mom and within the firstfew notes i was out of the room becuase me was frightend by the...
  6. little jerry

    Getting six episodes on CDRW

    thanks to ssetta i am getting 6 sesame street episodes!!!! he is gonna put them on a cdrw and send them to me. my dream of seeing good bye fly again is finally a reality!!!!!! and guess what i know i'm also getting high middle and low as well as 40 dots hopefuly i won't run out of the room when...
  7. little jerry

    Learning to play the piano

    I'm learning to play the piano my sisters have been teaching me how ANand now becuase of them i'm learning to play good bye fly now of course ya gotta have the full orchestra to get the full feling of the song but hey having the piano music is cool! :) I got some sesame street items i got the...
  8. little jerry

    Attention AOL People

    hi if anyone here has aol i have a mister rogers chatroom if anyone would like to come and i will also beglad to do a muppet chat as well
  9. little jerry

    Favorite Grover Songs

    Okay here we go now we've done favorite numbers favorite letters now let's do favorite chracter songs starting with that blue favorite grover please choose a favorite sog by grover and explain why you like it:)
  10. little jerry

    My friend Mark

    Hi everyone let me tell you about A very specail near and dear friend of mine named mark. You see I go to a place for the disabled called heritage farm i now go there 4 days a week but i hope to at somepoint make it 5 days a week. When i graduated in the year of 200 with a regents diplomia i...
  11. little jerry

    Remember Harrigan?

    If anyone here plans to go to the musem of tv and radio can someone look to see if they have this old tv show i sued to watch from when i was young called harrigan this show was made in canda but they showed it in the us
  12. little jerry

    Songs by Clementime

    I'm looking for any songs by clementime looking for mp3 of the tv version of high middle low
  13. little jerry

    Thanks to SSetta!

    Thanks to ssetta i am going to at some point recive both the orignal and 95 versioin of good bye fly once i get the tape i'll watch and write about my opnion of each rendtion. By the way of anyone is intrestied i have the land of 8 video files if anyone wants it please let me know and i still...
  14. little jerry

    The 30 Minute Work Week

    Hi everyone I just downloaded this episode from kazza what a treat to be reminded once again of the magic of fraggle rock! I loved hearing the orignal version of workin groovy music and my favorite part of the song gobo's gutair solo! wahoo!!!! i like how this episode really deals with work and...
  15. little jerry

    Hey gbrobeck

    please im me when you get a chance
  16. little jerry

    Attention Gbrobeck

    Hi jsut wanted to post and remind you to send the songs that we were talking about your also welcome to im me
  17. little jerry


    Attention all bears,chickens, bats, dogs, Muppets,fraggles includeing gobo,Sesame street gang Today is a very specail day today is my birthday! Let the muppetcentral betsey birthday party begin! All of you are invited to do whatever you would like to celabarte myb rithday a song a game whatever...
  18. little jerry

    I got the dance along dvd!

    I thought the dance along dvd is great! You get: A new way to walk A very simple dance Stop dance Grover with abc disco the count with what else the batty bat Bert you gussed it doing the pigeon Also you get The birdcall boggie and the birdland jump and the anyway...
  19. little jerry

    going to see cats!

    Hi everyone just wanted to post that I have a very excting trip comming up on july 12th I am going to go to Boston to see the north shore music theater production of cats. This will mark the 7th time i've gone to see the show. What makes this time special is I am takeing my Sister Emily for her...
  20. little jerry


    I am looking for a classic song that was sung by bob called a very simple dance where naturally the music would start out slowly and then speed up and then slow down and then as the song got closer to the end the music was so fast that you could not understand any of the instructions or anything...